Make your own Airline Meals!

No, this isn’t a cooking segment! I came across this news yesterday, and a guy from Glasgow has a hobby of making his own in flight meals. He misses flying around the world so much since the pandemic, that he re-creates the food they serve, complete with a proper air hostess trolley, crockery, and cutlery!

I haven’t been on a plane in years, but don’t recall the meals being as nice as this, do you?!

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Oh ,I could eat one of those lemon creamy eclairs…looks good

Here’s one I made based on a Virgin Atlantic meal. Obviously I quadrupled the amount. :lol:

I agree…would love to know where he flew to, to get served something like that! :smiley:

I take it you weren’t impressed with Virgin Atlantic’s disgusting food then? :smiley:

Not really, plus the seat was broken, the bald Indian in front insisted on having his seat right back when I was trying to eat my garba…meal and plus they ran out of nuts. :shock:

But they had you onboard Longdog so maybe they thought that was enough :wink: :smiley:


Maybe that was it. I know I got a bit agitated and asked the stewardess to get the bloke in front to put his seat into the upright position, otherwise I would slap him on his bald head. :blush:

Was he lying on your lap?? That’s rude. Did it work? I mean, did the stewardess ask him to sit up like an adult, or did you just go ahead and slap him?

She told him to sit up (it was meal time) even though he didn’t want to. I think she sensed that I was serious about slapping his head. :blush:

Well she could hardly ask you leave, now could she…! Gotta keep the peace thousands of feet up, eh?

Coming back from India British Airways served us a superb Chicken Curry with fruit salad and Ice Cream to follow - which was just as well as, on the link flight from Heathrow to Manchester, we were given breakfast ‘sandwiches’ - stale bread and plastic cheese!

Yuk that sounds vile! Hope you complained?

The other meal sounds quite delicious though. See its all about the experience :smiley:

Best plane meal was on Emirates, we actually had a full menu to choose from. Second was an internal flight with Kingfisher, in India where we were served fantastic little curries.

I knew there was a reason I wanted to go to India…! :smiley:

All the meals in India were fantastic. It was like having a take way for breakfast, lunch and dinner but because the real Indian food contains very little rubbish, we actually lost weight. :shock: