Make Up

Do you wear it?

Do you put it on with a trowel?:lol:

Are you make up free?

I wear lipstick +tinted moisturiser,

Would you go out without your make up on?

I do when no ones about as I would hate to scare anyone without my make up on:lol::lol:

Mascara and I’m done.

Yes I wear make up but only eye liner and mascara with a bit of powdered blush. That face concealer stuff? No!
I’ve never been fond of that.
Light lip gloss if going out someplace special.

Would I go out without it.
Sure. I’m not that scary without it

I don’t wear make-up as such even when going out … it’s just moisturiser and a touch of lippy. :slight_smile:

Bronzer & eye liner daily. Sometimes lipstick - occasionally mascara.

The only make-up I wear is moisturiser and a very light foundation - and only that if I’m going somewhere special.

No don’t wear make-up, I did as a Teenager, but as I got older I became allergic to a lot of the Eye Mascara and Eye Shaddows, the only thing I use is Coconut butter on my face and body and a bit of natural colour lipstick.

Tinted moisturiser, powder, lippy is essential. Eyeshadow and blush if i am leaving the house. I haven’t used eye liner since the 80s and I don’t use mascara unless it’s a party :slight_smile:

Annie,I bought some tinted moisturiser the other day,by Clinique,cost £30,

Best one I have bought by far! gives the skin a really nice glow…plus you only need to apply a little…goes a long way,:slight_smile:

Pauline I’m no longer a designer chick when it comes to cosmetics. I’ve bought so much in the past that is never used. I just use Garnier the darker tint which gives me a little glow too. I find these last forever as you need only a tiny amount. I gave up foundation years ago as it’s too heavy and i think dries out the skin. Bourjois or maybeline are my fave brands for make up.

Ah,ok,…I don’t like foundation either,to heavy plus unnatural looking…I will have a look out for the Garnier product.:slight_smile:

I am like that with mascara’s now too, Susie.
I have got Dry Eye, and I reckon it’s that that makes my mascara sting. I’ve tried different makes, but they all sting when they’ve been on a little while. :frowning: