Loving moment game

I will roll the dice for you . silver one first then the black one and tell you what you came up with
I just went and it came up with an impulsive (silver dice) rendez-vous ( black dice)
anyone want me to roll them for you?


Sure, looks like fun :slightly_smiling_face:

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Err no thanks all the same. :flushed:


yours is
A delightful message

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yours would have been
an impulsive kiss,

but you don’t want to play

and yet you made me anyway :roll_eyes:

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its a bit of harmless fun

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Ooh, yes please, I’d like a go!

You can play snakes and ladders if your desperate Maree…

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Well, thanks, I think, but that doesn’t look nearly as interesting as something with the potential to predict I’ll have an “astounding night”!


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Ok strip poker then… :stuck_out_tongue:

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OK, but I warn you, I’ve got me thermals on….

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Yes please realspeed!

Will do them tomorrow

Thank you.

Err . . am I missing something here?
So what was Minx’s ‘delightful message’, or was is it private? :thinking:

Maree yours is a promising encounter

Silver tabby yours is an impulsive rendez-vous

WooHoo! Can’t wait :heart_eyes:

Mups have a look at the thread start. the top of the card explains

you have not asked but I will do yours anyway

a promising night

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