Loosing an Item

This evening I was checking the settings on my camcorder and put down somewhere the lens protective cap. Do you think I can find it? can I hell . It is only 55mm cap so quite small for a camera lens and it has disappeared. Ok I have a protective lens on it as well but the cap will also protect this. We all have searches and no luck, damn annoying so if we can’t find it or it doesn’t turn up I have just orders a couple more. OK if I drilled a small hole on the rim I could tie it to the camera but if it hits anything the mircophone will pick up the sound , so that is a non starter.

Give up looking for it and you’ll find it.It usually works for me.

That is what Sue more or less said, new ones arrive and you find the lost one

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If I were there, I’d find it for you. I have a hidden talent for finding things for people. My son can lose something in his own house and phone me up and I can work out where it is!

The trick is to reconstruct what you were doing and not keep looking in the same places where you know it isn’t

So, think back. What room were you in when you adjusted the settings? Picture the moment when it came off and what you did straight afterwards. Think where you were standing and then search all around there, going down the back of things, under things and being round, it might have rolled. Picture it’s trajectory!

Sorry to state the obvious, but you have checked all your pockets, haven’t you? Look in your trouser legs, jumper arms, shoes etc

Did you need to go to the bathroom, get a tool from the kitchen or shed or put tools away afterwards? Look there. Did you have an instruction book off the shelf or anything?

Look in the obvious places like down the back of the sofa, under the bed, in the tv controller holder. Then check all the little ledges and surfaces like tops of light switches and plug circuits. Is it in the camera case? Or your glasses case?

But it’s true, you’ll find it fastest when you’ve got another one!

I once dreamed we had a ghost in the house called Mr Baxter, that’s who we put the blame on!

I have a religious friend who says that praying to St Anthony helps…well just an idea!

Oh my goodness since moving last month I spend a lot of my time searching for things I know I’ve seen …but blooming where ! Grrrrr…
It’s slowly improving as I get organised.

Im off to the tip today with a cardboard box mountain

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Its over six months since I moved and there are still packing cases unopened…I really need to get sorted…I hope you are happy in your new home Ripple


Hello Summer I hope you’re enjoying your new home .

Thank you I’m enjoying my new life by the sea.
errrr it’s another listed building something I said I’d never buy again ! I’ve had it totally gutted and sorted …yes I love :heart: it.


How about using florescent tape or paint on them, so they show up?

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Not applicable to camera accessories, but I had a problem with putting my keys down instead of in the key-safe wall box and then not being able to find them without a full house search (slight exaggeration) and this continual hunting ended when one of my grandchildren bought a key-minder for me. Now all I have to do is clap loudly or emit a shrill whistle and my keyring loudly beeps back to me :ok_hand::point_right::+1::grin:

I lose my phone all the time…I dare not tell my husband when I’m trying to find it as he gets so irritated that I lost it again of course I do find it e eventually…usually after ringing it from the land line and listening for its ring :slight_smile:

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new lens caps arrived

Posher than the one lost. this has got Sony printed on it as well. Keeping spare in packaging