Looking at things

Is looking at things a certain way a problem, if the looker is in no way distressed? :biking_man:


I wouldn’t know SF…I’m not the looker…whose the looker ?..on yer bike!..:joy::grin:

Depends how you look at it, Spitty.

It could be a problem for the things if they don’t want to be looked at. And not just the things themselves. I have things that I don’t want looking at, and I may well be distressed if they were looked at. So it’s not just the distress of the looker that has to be considered here, Spitty.

Do you mean by standing on ones head, Spitty?

Yes, that is so true. :biking_man:

Yes, I know; I wouldn’t lie about something like that.

No, that would turn stuff upside down, and that would never do. :biking_man:

Words have been known to stand on their heads, Spitty, why not people? Could give a completely new perspective.

he’s been like this ever since his bike stopped working - don’t worry he’ll get over it - just keep repeating " on ya bike laddie on ya bike"

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@gumbud - that explains a lot!

Nah, Glass any day over Perspex. :biking_man: