Looked at from different angle

It allways surprises me seeing things from a different angle. The number of times i have passed this without really taking much notice. Being bored got the small compact camera out for a play really around the garden. However did manage this which caught my attention.

no so much about focus but about colour. my late father made specialist tins for large companies in the factory he owned. One day he I remember he asked “how many colours can you spot on a label” it surprised me far more than I expected. I hate to even try and add up the number in this photos


Gorgeous @realspeed

Orange are Crocosemia, whats the Red ?

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to me they are flowers and that is the extreme limit of my knowledge

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now taken with my sony camcorder

yes i know I keep banging on about this Sony FDR-AX53 camcorder and a lot of people think a picture taken with one is not as good as a "normal"camera but I have to disagree. It has a lot more in it favour such as no need for extra camera lenses- takes great videos which is is designed for- tremendous mm range for distance shots as well as closeups . this is now my go to for photography

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But you’ve changed the angle. The first one gives more colorful depth as it shows the background flowers.
Otherwise, I rather like them both.

Love the colours and clarity RS

i like them anyways, dont matter what angle

In the first picture some of the flowers look like they faces.

I think they’re penstemon.

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That first photo is lovely RS, the angle is everything isn’t it?