London's west end


Awww lookit that wee face! Adorable!

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and I’ve just found another from today I’m pleased with:

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Yes I do like those lines, and the red reflection. Very interesting composition!

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I don’t normally take pics of children and post them on the internet.

But if you don’t do it occasionally, it means those low life tabloid scaremongers have won.

Well I assume you got the mum (or carer) to sign the permission slip dood…cos, y’know, that’s a thing now


Absolutely. I never travel without my legal team: you never know what might happen … five year old in the seat in front giving me PTSD!


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haha! That made me laugh more than it should have…poor lad!

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@d00d … next time you are up west, take a stroll along The Portobello Road and take some shots of The Portobello Star. My paternal grandfather was a tenant in that pub many decades ago. I was born in one of his pubs, The Feathers aka The Prince of Wales W10, but alas that was pulled down to make way for The Westway elevated section.


I spent quite a lot of time in Portobello Road pubs in the 70s, I must have done that one. I still go there (porto rd is not far from home) and when there next I’ll try for a decent pix of the place :sunglasses:

I’m currently into street window reflections (see above), and here’s one I took in Portobello Rd a week or two ago. Joe The Juice opposite The Ginstitute, formerly The Colville, onetime biker’s boozer.

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