London Zoo: Annual weigh-in sees thousands of animals on scales

Meerkats, penguins, and tigers were just some of the animals that jumped onto the scales. Recording their vital statistics helps zookeepers monitor animals’ health and wellbeing of some 14,000 animals.

Humboldt penguins during the annual weigh-in at London Zoo.

A Sumatran tiger, successfully bred as part of a conservation programme at London Zoo


Making a debut this year was Western lowland gorilla Kiburi - who arrived as part of a global breeding programme for the endangered species last November

Extra work for the keepers but an interesting change for the residents … :elephant:


Haha so cute! :bear::turtle::penguin::monkey::panda_face::chipmunk:


i believe we also breed tigers here in Doncaster
tigers that were rescued starving from a Romanian Zoo