Liz Truss under pressure over undeclared 'Fizz with Liz' champagne dinner for MPs

Liz Truss facing scrutiny over ‘fizz with Liz’ champagne dinner for MPs

TORY leadership candidate Liz Truss is involved in fresh controversy after a leaked email has left her facing questions over why she did not declare thousands of pounds spent on a champagne dinner.

MPs are required to declare any gifts, benefits or hospitality with a value of over £300.

According to a report in The Independent, around a dozen Conservative MPs are thought to have attended a so-called “Fizz with Liz” champagne dinner.

The event for MPs was hosted by the Foreign Secretary at Mayfair Members club 5 Hertford St last year.

It was paid for by club owner and multimillionaire aristocrat Robin Birley.

However, The Independent report states that when they asked why Truss had not declared the function in the Commons register, her spokesperson denied the foreign secretary had organised the event.

It is thought the function was worth an estimated £3000.

However, this was disputed by other MPs present who said she was the host and not Birley, who only “turned up briefly to say hello”.

Blimey … the prospect of another Tory PM on the take … :roll_eyes:

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They are all as crooked as the day is long. :frowning_face:


Indeed, the man at the top is the mentor - as for the rest, monkey see, monkey do … :monkey_face:


Please let’s not have that woman for PM.


… scraping the barrel again Omah. This is the bigger non story of the day.

Nevertheless, it’s one to add to:

I agree … that sounds OTT

So how much did it really cost?

I just knew that Omah with his anti-Tory obsession would bring this non-story up. Liebour party getting worried about the prospect of Liz Truss becoming PM and creating a smear campaign. They hounded Boris out of office using this tactic, and are hoping that the tactic will work again. I can just imagine Starmer at PMQs droning on and on about it.

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There’s no “smear” in the truth. Maybe she’s broken the rules before and we’ve yet to find out; maybe she’ll break them again. Either way, she will be aping BJ … :monkey:

However, no-one will come close to BJ’s record of law and rule-breaking while PM … a film detailing BJ’s disregard for law and rules had been mooted but, apparently, full coverage will require a 52-part TV series … :scream_cat:

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This is actually quite relevant though…Liz Truss is doing what Boris did, so to be honest it feels like we are in for another round of Tory Trashness. Which in this broken society, is not what we need. We need strength and truth, not sleaze and dithering. Her tagline is Trust in Truss or something weird…well already she has proved untrustworthy.

Boris broke it all by himself.


Aren’t we being just a tad trivial Omah?

MPs are required to declare any gifts, benefit or hospitality worth more than £300 received from a UK source.

Naturally, as a BJ copycat, Truss will deny that the “hospitality” fell within the requirements of either the Foreign Secretary’s ministerial gifts declaration or in the Register of Members’ Financial Interests.

Registration of Members’ Financial Interests

The amount may seem “trivial” to you but a principles and standards are involved.

It seems that some Tory politicians never seem to understand the point of principles or morals - they make rules not for themselves but to keep the plebs in check … :man_shrugging:

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It seems that LT has, indeed, broken the rules before:

It shows Ms Truss, who is also the MP for South West Norfolk, meeting a series of dignitaries from around the world, in footage which was first used in videos thought to have been produced by Foreign Office officials – and therefore funded by the taxpayer. Questions have also been raised over the propriety of using government resources for a political campaign.

Chris Bryant, the Labour MP who chairs the Commons Committee on Standards, said: “It’s very disturbing that the foreign secretary doesn’t seem to understand the difference between the national interest and her personal interest. It’s equally disturbing that she seems to have used her office solely to further her own career.”

Well at least we are spared Boris now that it is pick on Liz week.

Liz is the gift that keeps on giving :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I doubt Starmer will make much of it as he has just been found to have breached the rules 8 times himself.

As a highly paid barrister he should be able to understand exactly what the rules mean.

Whilst I am no great fan of the current bunch of Tories, Labour really do need to sort themselves out.


I’m no Tory fan, neither am I much of a fan of Labour. Of the two, Labour is currently just behind the Tories, for the number of self-serving, deceitful, untrustworthy, jack the lad, Liarticions. They ought to all be ashamed of themselves for bringing British Politics down into the sewer.


As I see this, the difference between the 2 is anything, even minutely, anti-Tory gets 3" banner headlines whilst anything, even relatively major indiscretions or misdemeanours, anti-Liebour is virtually ignored by the MSM. I learned about Starmer’s misdeeds this morning by watching Talk TV and GBNews, no mention on BBC News or Sky News at all.


That’s all very well them putting it out on the web services but they didn’t, AFAIK, put it out on any transmissions.

I saw this on Twitter a couple of days ago, and yet, only now has it made the MSM. Wonder why that could be? :thinking: