Living Longer?

Australia has risen from 6th to 3rd, after Monaco and Japan, in the world table of life expectancy.

All is not entirely rosy according to this report this doesn’t include 2022 Australia’s worse year for covid when it is expected life expectancy will drop slightly.

Note: The thread title originally was Living Longer but the software would not let me post it as it claimed I was repeating the same letters over and over so had to revise the title.

Good news for Australians but I’m surprised!!
I would have expected Scandinavian countries to be at or near the top.

Well done Australia - how did you manage that?

It may well be that everybody else has moved down.

I am living longer I’m not giving up yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve heard there’s a high suicide rate up there.

I’ve never lived this long :neutral_face:

I don`t expect to live to a good old age,well not with this government anyway,i shall freeze to death.
But that will save them from giving me a pension eh.

well i’m a day older than i was yesterday, wow how old will i be tomorrow