Live Music - add your favourites!

A cracker to start,a young Led Zeppelin.


Another from a long time ago

Seen both of these but not together

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This is from 1977,I saw them 2 years earlier when they were in the UK

Smithy that is great. I saw Led Zeppelin in Sydney in 1972. It was an open air daytime concert that went into the night. I will never forget it. I was 20 and had just come back from living in Perth for 7 years. The tickets were my welcome home gift from my groovy godfather:)

I was at this

NY '73 :cool:

Half your luck,mate :slight_smile: Leaving Perth too :slight_smile:

The Irons are best heard live.

Another blast from the past.They called it pub rock.I saw them twice but never in a pub.

I’ve seen hundreds of live concerts in my life. Most were rock concerts - Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Yes, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Robertson, Chicago, Rush, fleetwood Mac, Madonna, Jeff Beck, chuck mangione, Alanis morisette, Boston, ELectric Light Orchestra, the doobie brothers, Styx, the moody blues, Uriah heep, meatloaf, king crimson, jethro Tull, blood, sweat & tears, Emerson, lake & Palmer,
Steely Dan, Peter Frampton, Nazareth, supertramp, Aerosmith, heart, creedance clear water revival, Santana, ZZ top, the beach boys, the Steve miller band, hall & oats, Crosby, steeles and Nash, talking heads, U2, the guess who, three dog night, Jefferson starship, tom petty & the heart breakers, the Alan parsons project, toto, April wine, the doors, Santana, blue oyster cult, deep purple, strawbs, little feat, the osmonds, seals & Croft, bad finger, the cars, talking heads, the police,
Foreigner, AC/DC, Queen, Annie Lennox, Bob Dylan, David Gilmore, Elvis Costello, Eurythmics, Kate bush, Miles Davis, Mumford & Sons, Neil Young, Ozzy Osborn, Phil Collins, the police, R.E.M., Rod Steward, Simply Red, Alice cooper, Jon Anderson, Bachman turner overdrive, pat benatar, the beach boys, black sabbath, Duran Duran , Hootie & the Blowfish, billy Joel, Gordon light foot, Michael MacDonald, men at work, van Morrison, frank zappa, Rick Wakeman, van halen, Gino vannelli, , tears for fears, James Taylor, cat stevens, steppin Wolfe , Bruce Springsteen,Carly Simon, Bob seger and the silver bulletin band, the righteous brothers, Stevie nicks, mike & the mechanics , cyndi lauper, Carol king, the goo goo dolls, Duran Duran , the cult, Joe cocker, triumph , blue oyster cult, deep purple, level 42

It’s probably looks like I was a total groupie with my selections here but I actually had a lot of friends as a young person and we’d all go out together to these concerts and have a great time. These were some really good memories and some bands I saw two or three times. Some of the best times of my life. Note: I may have added a band’s name twice by accident

Impressive Bratti.
Did you have to travel far and can you pick a favourite ?

That’s one hell of a list Bratti. :cool:

I’ve seen many of them, plus Led Zep 4 times, the Stones and the Who.

And I was never really a fan of the big stadium type gig, preferring erm the more intimate. I saw Dr Feelgood many times and Wilko J their guitarist a couple of dozen times after the band split.

Acts I like but found disappointing live include Bowie and Elvis Costello.

I saw the Smiths once and I think they are/were the best band ever. And in the 80s saw lots of Africanos, much preferring that to much of the pop/rock scene of the day.

Fantastic.The first time I saw them was in the Capitol Cinema because it was the biggest venue we had.Completely unsuitable of course,no one was sitting.:slight_smile:

Acca Dacca as AC/DC are known here.With the legendary Bon Scott.

Most of them were near the Toronto area ; the CNE or Canadian National Exhibition, the outdoor stadium at Ontario Place, hockey arenas, special theatres , stadiums etc…northern Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Jamaica and a few places in the United States. Most concerts I didn’t have to travel far since I didn’t live far from them. The other ones I saw only because I was there at the time.

Can I pick one favourite? Not really! Peter Gabriel! Love that guy! Genesis which included Peter Gabriel at the time, Pink Floyd,( the Wall which had a huge wall and flying pigs ) YES , The Alan Parsons Project, Doobie Brothers, Chicago, The Eagles, Santana, Fleetwood Mac , Heart, Supertramp…

It would be easier to pick out the concerts I liked the least. :lol:
Many of these concerts had spectacular light shows that made them so memorable. What’s incredibly odd is that I’m a total introvert now and I have no idea how I handled being around so many people. Then again I did drugs back then which may have helped. :lol:

The classiest concert by far was surprisingly Robbie Robertson.
My friend invited me and didn’t tell me it was a black tie event and when we got there, everyone was in formal wear except for us. We were in blue jeans. :blush:

Yes with Rick Wakeman on keyboards was amazing. I saw them 3 times. Some of their songs were about 20 minutes long.
Chicago, Chuck Mangione, Lighthouse, Supertramp ( saw 3 times ) blood, sweat & tears, level 42 and other bands with a lot of brass and woodwind instrumentals I enjoyed a lot since I play saxophone.

The last concerts I went to were two years ago and it was purely Jazz but classy events.

Note: I don’t know how to post big pictures.

I would have loved to have seen Led Zepplin and the Who but it never happened. I did see Elvis Costello though. I wasn’t a huge fan of his but a friend of mine had a boyfriend who really liked him so we went. The only reason I remembered most of these bands isn’t because my memory is good. It’s not. I had to look up bands that entertained in the decades they did.

Rush and Boston put on pretty good shows. I actually feel quite privileged to have had the opportunity to see so many great concerts. My husband has only seen two or three but we were raised in different parts of the country. Luckily for me the area where I lived had excellent entertainment.

Doctor Feelgood. I forgot about that guy. :lol:

" What’s incredibly odd is that I’m a total introvert now and I have no idea how I handled being around so many people. Then again I did drugs back then which may have helped."

:slight_smile: No doubt about it.