Lions vs SA - Predict the First Match score

Let’s have some fun!

Predict the winner of Test match 1 & how many points will they win?

My prediction:
South Africa to win by 12 points

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What you said. :slight_smile:

Yep the Boks will get 12 points, the Lions will get 18.

I predict the game will not take place due to covid  and rioting !!


Very funny DK

Not joking !


Ok, bet on!

It’s not to late to change my prediction.
Boks to win by between 2-3 points!

The Boks have their 12 at half time, rubbish game, luckily for them no crowd paid to watch it.


Well done British and Irish Lions you won the first test by 5 points :mini:

Great game. The second test awaits !