Lidl Waste Not Food Boxes - 5KG box for £1.50!

Just spotted this - 5KG of fruit n veg for £1.50!!

Good on Lidl!!


Wow that looks good.

I’ve never seen them in my local Lidl…


They have been doing these in my Lidl for quite some time ,Azz.

My friend Rita was telling me about them, every time I go to Lidl, there are none left, …I get most of my veg from there, bought this butternut squash ,toms, red peppers, to make a delicious soup, all from Lidl!!..

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They are very hard to get though,only a few put out everyday but amazing value, they get snapped up as soon as they get put out

Have you seen Too Good to Go?

It’s an app where local shops, supermarkets, cafes and pubs with surplus food they are about to throw out sell it off cheaply in “Magic Bags”

You don’t know exactly what you will get when you book one but it’s always amazing value
Morrisons, Budgen, Starbucks, Costa, Greggs, the Pasty Shop, Tim Hortons, Miss Millie’s around here all take part

There’s also Olio, where local volunteers collect surplus food from local shops and put it up for people to collect from them (free)



I get one a week, brilliant value as are Lidls reductions, the 70p and 20p bits.


Can I just give Lidls a shout out too for being very good about donating surplus food to charities

I sometimes help out at our Salvation Army shelter (not sure how it happened, I just dropped off some stuff or day and seem to have stayed, they’re sneaky like that!)

Anyway, Lidls are amazing with their donations, both from the shop and from their warehouse and probably provide nearly 1/3 of the food served up at our lunches and food parcels for the homeless


Maybe common sense is making a come back.


I have had these a few times and £1.50 is a great bargain! You need to be there fairly early in the morning. I got a few bananas, couple of peaches, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, some dried herbs, tomatoes, apples, a small swede and some onions in mine last time. Dead chuffed!

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Looks like great value but I will never bring a Lidl box home again after one had a cockroach egg in it. It still makes me shudder.

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That’s extra protein! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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They have these occasionally in my local Lidl but I’m not impressed, the contents look nothing like the photo, usually a lot of overripe bananas, stale potatoes and carrots , wilted lettuce and yellow broccoli!
I’d rather spend the £1.50 on some fresh edible veg.

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