Less than 150 Tory MPs this time next year?

This poll actually gives a worst case scenario for the Tories of less than 100 seats. That seems unrealistically low. I mean, the government has been awful, 14 years of Conservative policies have left a dismal mess, people are very fed up - but still, 100?
This next article looks back to the time before Major defeat to Blair. It cites 9 criteria that predict a huge defeat for the party in power. These criteria are certainly here today. These were: a negative image of the leader, confusion over policy direction, internal disunity, organisational disarray, weakened party finances, a hostile media and intellectual climate, public dissatisfaction with the economy, a “time for a change” mood and a credible opposition party.
The May local elections will interesting!!

It was partygate …the lies that were told .
I could never vote Tory .

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I think people were sickened by Partygate, the corruption, cronyism, chumocracy, lies and hypocrisy

After falling for “Jolly Johnson” more people have begun to open their eyes and see the Tories for what they truly are

I hope they get annihilated but we can’t be over confident

The new voting boundaries favour the Tories

And Tories are a self-serving, amoral lot

It’s not about principles or the country for them, it’s about self-interest and maintaining a status quo that favours them

That’s Toryism in a nutshell

So on the day many of them will ignore the rights and wrongs and vote Tory anyway

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Or Starmer.Labour seem to be just as bad under him.Please vote for us,people with money, don’t be scared, we won’t really change anything.

“don’t be scared, we won’t really change anything.”
That was Blair’s message in 1997 - we’ll keep to the recent budget plans. That worked well.
However, Starmer and Labour have a much harder task ahead of them. So much has been cut, so many are in dire need, so much infrastructure is broken, so many councils are in so much debt. The reasons the Tories will lose are the reasons that Labour will struggle once in government.

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