Leisurely Scribbles (Part 2)

Jem oft remarks on this matter were " just carry on without me lads and lasses and I will catch up on my return" unless of course he is ill or worst and then nobody would necessarily think of contacting Off or even know about it? members could leave instructions with loved ones re this before it all fell apart?

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always been independent all my workin life so depending on others don’t come easy unless they are near and dear who are all estranged and far!!

I live in a forest as some know - and my car lies knacked a few yards away - so I finally gave up some independence and organized “home care WA” who will come and fix broken taps and take me to the shops and even do it with me [no thanks!] then post office and anywhere else in this flea bitten part of the world ! - hospital appointments no problem have three different transport options and I am registered with an Indigenous health organization and get top notch attention - so giving up ones absolute independence comes with some compensations? today I will be shopping at WW then PO then home and this arvo to the general hospital for audio attention and all free - we copied the uk NHS but so far it is still goin quite well [don’t believe all you read in the papers] I am finally applying for a gov pensions having never needed one before and they tell me there is a swarve of goodies on their endless list of services for their respected elders!

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" a swarve of goodies" :joy:

well done pixie ya learnin ocker lingo!

Oive yest been watchin Johanna Lumely and she showed me a pic of the Dali Llama and the Derry Llama now where would that be at all at all?? [ no google searching please?]

I was sorry to hear about the loss of two of Australia/Britain’s finest entertainers, Judith Durham and Olivia Newton-John.

Both were very talented and will both be missed.

I have heard of the Derri Llama, but no nothing more than the name.
I have seen the Dali Llama being interviewed on TV, and he has a wicked sense of humour, using his accent to pronounce a purely innocent comment in such a way as to make it sound rude.

We have Llamas near where I live as well. I think they are farmed for their wool, but if they were used to produce meat as well, I expect they would be sold in one of our local farm shops as Deli Llamas.

a good finishing joke but not the correct answer so we ain’t finished yet boyo!

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Do you want me to sing the answer as a mournful Irish Llament instead?

you could certainly try - do you produce your own youtubes?? died in the Llama deri deri funny!

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Oil give yuz a clue - the dali llama and the derry llama once met and almost kissed!!

I’m not following this line of thinking at all…whats going on, have you had a drink with dinner or something?

oh fgs woman all you have to do is go and watch the johanna lumley tv program huh - is that so difficult ?

The gurkha’s?

hahaha !! -did I ever mention that I used to sit drinking with the gurka soldiers everyweek when I was in HK? - god they were good drinkers!! - oh I suddenly get what you meant by the gurkas - that is called lateral thinking and it is wrong!!

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I thought it was clever thinking though. You’ll need to explain then, I don’t know what you mean

omg just checked and I got it all mixed up it was the dali llama meets derry khama in Londonderry - got it? fruitcake will be after me now for giving incorrect clues - you clueless twit gumbud!! - self -deprecation is a great slimming device!!

Oh fgs man…you plonker! :roll_eyes: :joy:

No, I’m not dead yet. I suppose if you had to put a tag on me it would be “an old semi-retired member” :wink: :smiley:

Well we just got back from a remote village cottage in north Kerry, can’t disclose the location any nearer or it would be remote no more, a truly beautiful place with everything we needed there, two tiny pubs where you could come and go as you wished and smoke yer brains out, (One publican was also the village bookmaker),a farm shop with great fresh food of the finest quality. The kitchen was very modern and Phyllis enjoyed using it making soda bread and I even ate a lovely beef stew she made on a very cold day.
I won’t say any more but If I’m alive next year I’ll be there again.

We had swapped our house for a few weeks with a relation of Phyllis’s and she and her three children enjoyed their stay in the city.

The food was so good that I started to eat chicken, ham, and beef again, the free range chickens cost a lot more but they were bigger and you’d know they had a good life before they met the divine Rooster in the sky, no more battered dragged up scrawny chickens in our house, it tasted exactly like the ones me granny used to get from her sister in the country. :smiley:

Best relaxing break we had in a long time, put on weight too.

I’ll catch up later and post something, see you soon. :smiley:


you been away then - thought you’d just gone out shoppin this am?

ah well now Jem is back he’ll be able to answer this one to be sure to be sure! -the derry kharma one?