Leisurely Scribbles (Part 2)

Lets make this a Fate call.

are these realy scribbles

Fate will tell us.

I recently went back to a past junction via the historic internet options and visited it - it was not a pretty sight!

walked through the graveyard of forum threads recently ; brushed few [well a lot actual] leaves off the stone ; new flowers in but not as good as the originals said a few prayers and that was it - see ya next year! maybe

I thought ownership was forever thus sayeth the Lord - is this now a vacant plot ready for vacation ; re-location ; renovation or demolation??

The Sentimental Fella [based on an ozzie theme]

I didn’t think I been around this long?

But heh life passes by at the wink of an eye

these are the new pages we’d better tidy them up

cos there’s a few more gravestones and they’re gathering dust

a few new ones came along tried to fit in

but heh it’s not easy lifting mantle of those who have gone

so I say it was down to me and two clowns

called spitty and fruitcake and we’ll all wear the crowns

cos we got a few spare ones to carry around

I won’t mention the others yuz knows ‘em

if not just go back to page one and start goin right through

it’s a best seller by right but don’t know who wears the tights

if we could sell it we’d be outa the blues

you might remember a mob called the Crazy Gang

well that’s the best match I can find

cos we were never too sure who would cartwheel or snore

or just say I’m RJ with a deep smile

I think its my epitaph fellas

seems the spark has finally died

so lets all take a bow and wonder off aimlessly somehow

it’s been Leisurely Scribbles bow wow!

© gumbud 2023

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See gummy, I’ve lived in reverse
See, all’s good now but once a curse
See at the start I got the nostalgia
While other kids were judging regalia
Now it’s done, we share the same bench
Some curse and question time and it’s it’s stench
I don’t question is that a failure?
They don’t know I’m just watching the regalia

Spitty (at some point in the journey)

Since Jembo’s gone there is no one else to keep an eye on those particle crashers, what’s going on, have we found the dark matter, I hope not, everyone is scared of the dark, aren’t they?

24-07-2021, 10:42 PM16751
Re: Leisurely Scribbles (part 5)

Plenty of useful information about photography being posted lately, I was never any good with a camera, but I did have one moment of joy many years ago.

The lighter green speckled Tit.

You might be surprised to know I used to do a bit of bird watching in my younger days, this little chappy is very rare, so rare that it’s seldom seen these days, and not to be confused with yer commoner garden green backed Tit.

It was a most memorable day for me when I managed to capture a shot of this lovely almost extinct bird.

I was sitting on a rock in a field, ears cocked and eyes peeled
The lighter green speckled Tit was about
My only company was a sulking Cow, dejected after having a row
Slimy stuff dripped from it’s mouth.

I’d been there for quite a while when I broke into a rewarding smile
There it was perched on the Cow’s bottom
Out with the camera and a click, you have to be quick
Nice one, at last I got’em.

I dashed home to show the wife, the idol of me life
She looked surprised to see me
“You look tired, won’t you sit,? did you snap the green Tit?
“Yes, but I had to be quick, or I’d have missed it”

So now the snap hangs on the wall, in view of all
The rarest Tit in all the land, on hand
Sitting on the cows bum, just like a faithful chum
There for every visitor to see, and it was taken by me.

Yes I was so proud of myself, I haven’t seen the photo in years since we moved, when I asked the wife where it was just now she said she thinks she threw it out, why was I not shocked and surprised you may well ask?, because she’s my wife that’s why, and that’s what she often does, throws things out, she should have been a bouncer, it’s a miracle she didn’t throw me out years ago.

Don’t mind my ramblings, that was just an excuse to play this lovely old song from a lovely singer.

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25-07-2021, 10:42 PM16752
Re: Leisurely Scribbles (part 5)

There is much here to Desist
Just like that fella Realist
Reasons run Rife
Just hope the Tins are in Shelf Life.
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26-07-2021, 10:03 PM16753
Re: Leisurely Scribbles (part 5)

Ah the simple life, what is it?

Well I think one can live the simple life anywhere, no matter the location, it’s your own attitude to life that counts.

I like to think I’m living the simple life now, very little bothers me at this stage of life, worrying is a waste of valuable time when you are older, besides what’s going to happen will happen anyway so just deal with it as best you can.

People often make things complicated for themselves, for example people who drive cars, (when not essential), I can never understand some motorists, they are the worlds worst moaners, they moan about other drivers, the cost of fuel, road tax, cyclists, pedestrians, busses, slow moving tractors when on country roads, traffic jams when on city roads, parking spaces, parking charges, the list of moans goes on and on, I know, I have several drivers in my family and they never stop complaining and about the situation on the roads, well do as me granny used to suggest to moaning drivers, “Sell the bloody thing and buy an ass”

Indeed drivers have been known to get out of their cars and murder other drivers in broad daylight, a dangerous lot to mess with I can tell you, all tensed up, no wonder they are having heart attacks all over the place.

I think of all the hassle I have saved meself by never learning how to drive, and that’s just one example, going into partnership in business is another one I avoided after been stung once, living with a disagreeable nagging partner can be a lifelong headache too, avoiding unwanted stress early in life is good for you in the long run.

Give me the simple life anytime, a contented wife, a happy dog, a good smoke, a sound glass of booze, and a comfortable armchair, sheer bliss, cheers!

I heard this song on the radio this morniong, I can’t get it out of me head all day, it was the Tony Bennett recording, this version I like better, it’s by George Clooney’s Aunt Rosemary, lovely person God rest her.

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26-07-2021, 10:12 PM16754
Re: Leisurely Scribbles (part 5)

The conclusion is, the Mornin is for thinkin, the evening is forskinthing.
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27-07-2021, 12:12 PM16755
Re: Leisurely Scribbles (part 5)

Originally Posted by spitfire →
The conclusion is, the Mornin is for thinkin, the evening is forskinthing.
Why Mister Darcey, you have made me blush.
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27-07-2021, 10:05 PM16756
Re: Leisurely Scribbles (part 5)

Thank God I don’t know what that is, sounds utterly disgusting, made me blush too, on the other hand it could be something quite innocent like an antique baby rattle.

Half and Hole.

The wife used to love the wrestling on TV when she was younger, I could never understand why she liked it, I mean it’s all staged, fat fellas banging the floor with their boots and groaning like wounded Bulls, ah well whatever scratches yer itch, we’re all different.

We had a family living near us back in the 50’s, the Nelsons, they had twin boys, one of the lads had a ‘hole in the heart’, three or four cases of it in our area alone at that time if my memory serves me right, the condition seems to have mysteriously disappeared now, you never hear of it any more, maybe they introduced a small dose of polyfiller to the diet of pregnant women who knows.

Anyway the lad with the hole was called ‘Hole Nelson’ and the other fella ‘Half Nelson’ and in all the years I’ve known them I never found out their first names.

Half is still alive, I often see him in the pub and everyone still calls him Half, I’m afraid Hole went down the hole twenty years ago. That’s the truth.

I once joined “Random thinkers” forum, an international forum for all kinds of everything, but I had a row with the administrator and left after only one post.

Let me explain.

As I’ve often said me old lamps are dimming and I don’t always see words properly, it can get one into trouble.
I had posted in the introductory section, giving a few personal details, the admin responded thus.

“Hello random thinker, welcome to the forum”

I misread it and replied.

“Don’t you dare call me a randy tinker, stick your forum up your randy rectum, I’m off”

You know you’re getting old when you stop to think and forget to start again.
That was told to me years ago by Ben Occolar, a man of great vision.

One of my favourite songs from the underestimated (IMO) but very talented Billy Fury, God be good to him.

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07-07-2016, 07:47 AM


Re: Leisurely Scribbles (part 5)

I just looked up EIDETIC wow.

Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

oh no he’s effin ramblin again - does this every year around xmas time and can run into the new year - jembo is not coming back spits so stop putting up his gabbles on site all the time - this is like the end scenes from green tomatoes!!

everything is falling apart - I am now convinced that small is magic and we once had the small screen and have now gone to big - it’s a bit like moving out of the village and into the city - its a curse and no one knows anyone else. someone photocopied the new plans too many times and now they are all overlapping if you see what \i mean. the only man who can save this shop is jembo - I will writte to him soon - I have feathered quill pen ready.

erhmm what was my name on here ??

Gum, I only done it to feed your nostalgia habit, stuff started goin, never to return long before Tim Berners-Lee and his cronies started dabbling with data, guess I’m a nostalgia pusher, it easy being a pusher in anything, as long as you ain’t an addict yerself :icon_wink: :boxing_glove:

Give me my Wine you Swine. :joy:

There was a whole lot of begetting going on

According to Matthew and John

That’s how we’re all here, enjoying the beer

And having a dance and a song.

:icon_wink: :boxing_glove:

like the death of a star heh - wot did it go to ?5 threads and a bit; yes with bits droppin off i hear him say and I’m only do this for you drop me a pm if you can it’ll worth it - no no nothing like that no touchin! Can’t send pm’s on level 1 heh new rules? I have never seen such carnage on me bike! where did all the good times go - do you remember humpy and dumpy two of the best mods in the business - they would just hump ya and then dump ya god it did feel good!

did I hear a cry ; a cry from way back then?
there were bumblebees and jackhammer craze
and fruitcakes after tea?

there were haunting cries from scientifics
from shetlanders no less
and some tales and poems from Robert the great
the rest of us came last!

but nevertheless when buildin walls
can’t be done without cement
and so the rest of us would seep
in between the bricks so neat?
[was gonna say on heat but that don’t sound right heh?]

there was a gem spelt with a J
for why I know not now
but he found all these obscure tales
somewhere; somewhen ; somehow

a couple of rubies came our way
a sweetie and an irish colleen?
and they tried to keep us all at bay
and succeeded very well!

it was like a family daily knit
and when some ‘left’ was like we’d lost some kit
never got a chance to stand in church
felt like we’d been left in the lurch

I don’t know why I’m written this
i just get weeping can’t desist
sniff sniff sniff sniff
I’ve got the flue as well as feeling terrible blue