Leisurely Scribbles (Part 2)

yes life was simple in those days and hard and black and white includin the galahs!!

Got ta pondering lately why on earth all these female actors in particular at the great gatherings in usa wanna dress in the flimsiest manner - trying to pretend they are standing there naked perhaps? and then shreaks of indignation of some bit of clothing accidentally slips. I do think in many cases it must be glued on - quite happy to see the flesh myself of course - there must be a thin line between being completely naked and ugly? - and almost naked but divine?? not sure myself!

Yer can’t beat a Bird, clad in a duffle coat, nowt else, just a duffle coat (and Wellies maybe)!!

maybe some long black socks

No, they make my calves itch

Oh, now I can hear you all. I have just been fitted with a brace of battery operated ear-trumpets, and I can hear as clear as a … pardon? Who said that?

erhmm fruitcake - that was just the echo of a fart!!

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Ok Ok remember this is the “lets keep Jem alive page” - and he was mad abo0ut fillums - I think I flashed the one with that sexy blonde usa actress and wots his name son " I’ll be seeking you in all those old familiar places - that my old heart still embraces all day through???“” that fella douglas -was it michael douglas?? - you know him - never mind - anymore fillums that were really goodies??

I keep watchin over and over and over again "guess who’se coming to dinner with sydney poiter and those two great old actors who were havin off with each other spency tracy and who wos it now - catherine hepburn was it - it was in b/w too and i can watch it over and over again - real life colour see??

and lets not forget " our little sister" my all time favorite japanese film

our little sister

and then don’t forget "leisurely scribbles stickers for our new diaries all about leisurely scribbles|??


Oh yes, our Jem loved his classic fillums, and his music, and of course his wife of many years. He was such a romantic, and a loving family man.
I really enjoyed his stories of himself and the characters from around his neck of the woods.

I think the word ya searchin for is 'irreplaceable" maybe?? - yup I guess we all feel that one!!

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I think Jem would have enjoyed this one and it does star Liam Neeson from Ireland but maybe the wrong end? It also stars another great british actor who doesn’t get enough accolades imo Kenneth Cranham who I have seen in many productions over the years. the adorable ladies were of course adorable but I cannot recall them that well - but I will say without a doubt that this has gotta be the best film I have seen for many months - a mix of humour and sexual encounters and thuggery ?? and a small but powerful cameo part from the guy who plays the stone deaf hubbie of the pharmicist in Doc Martin. Great stuff - watch it for the fun value only!! I know Jem would have!!

a film for Jem!!

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Ah yes, I remember that one, including the twist at the end. 'Twas well writ, and well acted.

No disrespect, but after RJ and Jembo disembarked, scribbling don’t seem natural anymore, I guess that is their legacy, and just the way it is, in the passing of time.

I just hope, neither “Pop” back up.

heh - your scribblin was never natural spits!! -= that’s wot we liked about it - all crazies together in the same cage!!

An ode to the intrepid explorer - wife on the left arm!! [the original spitfire - bang bang fizzle fizzle - droop droop??]

He’s got his mobility liscence

he’s chargin his gas for the moon

his sizzlers are ready to fry when he’s ready

and the cow will jumpin over soon?

He’s warned us he may be away for sometime?

Sounds utterly utterly sublime

he didn’t mention no heating

but will he be doin much sleepin

as he watches cow jump over the moon??

If ya come across Jem old fella give him all our regards and ask him to send us some spirits occasionally??

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One needs a debenture
To go on an adventure
Takes some Sage
To defy the age
Satisfy the conditions
Leave no omissions
The end is in “Site”
An adventurers delight
What’s not to like
Even take the bike

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Feck spits this is called leisurely scribbles - not mad scratchings across the ceiling?? - now follow these instructions:

  1. sit cross legged on the floor - ok we will help you down and up if necessary

  2. close eyes - [put the blindfold on him fgs]

  3. no breath in through any orifice you wish and let the fumes fill ya body!!

  4. don’t worry if ya faint - we have abled bodied men willing and wanting to do mouth to mouth on ya! OK

ps: why is your missus laughing about all of this ?? this is serioous stuff??

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The “Old” rules are the best rules, ANYONE who disagrees can Feck Off!!

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??? wot ya been tellin us on the other thread ya not old yet?? ya got to be one or the other or maybe a manic /depressive??