Leave Well Alone

I have had Carmen Rollers for years and they still work
Very good for a quick set.
They have now brought out a new modern set with 15 rollers large, medium and small.,in a shiny black case. I updated mine and bought the new one £35.00 Half price.

They are so fiddly as the rods are not upright but horizontal and the have to be clamped into the rods.
Yes they do heat up quickly, but they do feel hot and after inserting them in your hair this clamps leaves a mark.
I much prefer the old type with hair pins to secure them
Must now sell them on.


I remember Carmen rollers from years ago. For some reason, manufacturers always have to change things even when they work perfectly well.

Did they make your hair curl, Longdogs?


Not any more Azure and I still eat my crusts. :lol:

Azure, I still use my Carmen rollers that I got for Christmas in 1972!
I don’t heat them, l just put them in cold, in my longish hair after l have blow dried it. Then l take them out after about ten minutes.
They, just smooth my hair, and give it a little body.

I don’t like the sound of the new version and l much prefer pins to secure them.

I still have some of them but don"t use them as the heat makes my hair frizzy . Great invention though TMM.