Learning to play poker

Good Morning Folks

I am thinking of learning to play poker.

Does it always involve money, or can you just play it for fun?

Are there different variations of the game? If so, what is the most popular version to learn?


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Good post geek, poker has always confounded me, and I would love to know the rules and aims surrounding the game. I hope someone with knowledge of the game will kindly explain…

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Download an iPhone App “Texas Hold Em” but don’t use your own money haha and practice the game there.

That is how I learned. and i’ve played others in real life afterwards (one a game or six :stuck_out_tongue: )

Again, Do not pay for in-game credits. It is stupid to do so as you cannot get the money back “when you win more”.

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I’m not sure I know how to play poker, but AFAIK it’s dead simple and best played for money.

Where I come from 3 or 5 card Brag is the game, something very similar to poker … pair, 3 of a kind, run, flush etc.

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Thanks guys

In order to learn to play, I am thinking of watching some Youtube videos.

I think that would be better than buying a book?

It’s worth remembering that anyone who wants to teach you how to play poker, online or in person, most likely has their own agenda and their eye on your dosh :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But Pokerstars has good, free lessons, just don’t let them lure you into playing online


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