Learning American


I have a word game on my phone, a make as many words as you can from 6 letters, played it endlessly in hospital, nothing else to do.

Unfortunately it is American, with American spelling.

Very frustrating.


Just leave the U’s out of words Swims…
and switch the R and the E around at the end of a word.

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Start it off the Swims!!!
Sheesh! Typical man…
Gets us excited then b****** off!! :grin:

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Mind you…
Perhaps it isn’t apt for forum games!

Show us a pic at least Swimmy?
Or else the name of the app?


Rhian, you should know by now my amazing level of incompetence on phones, apps, tablets etc.

It is called Word Connect, on Google play, it is free.

I am now on level 3425, have scored 769,656 points on Intelligence and 115245 points for bonus words.

That is more a reflection of how many days I have spent in Resus, CCU and ITU this year than my mental ability.

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Sadly, I’m afraid that this country is effectively being taken over by America.
Not intentionally, of course. In fact, it’s very much our own fault through buying and watching their films and TV programmes, computer programmes, etc, etc.
I shall resist it for as long as I live, I assure you.

Oh dear. Perhaps I should have written ‘programs’! :icon_rolleyes:

Definitely NOT!

Swimmy, it won’t let me play because I am just on a PC and have no ‘aps’ - feel quite deprived now as I love word games!

Try Google Play to look for it @SilverTabby x

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I did, Rhian. Never mind - I am sure I will find something else to bewilder my brain!

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Well I just googled Word Connect for PC … and it did come up trumps, if you don’t mind downloading.
I never like to download anything.

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TV programme
Computer Program
See the distinction?

My old mum plays something similar on her tablet - it starts with nine letters all jumbled up on a circular board, and you have to fill several racks with words of different lengths from the supplied letters. It can get very difficult towards the end.

Nonsense! I’m English and my computer runs programmes.

I’m bilingual. I’m British. My dear wife is from Georgia. We converse perfectly well…:slight_smile:

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Aha - will try again and this time specify for PC, thank you Morti

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I wrote a book about that once! :slightly_smiling_face:
Sold 30,000 of them!
Out of print now but you can still read it free at www.effingpot.com if you’re bored!

AFAIK it’s always been “computer programs”.

I’ve just had a good look at that. It’s brilliant! Well done!
I congratulate you and applaud your attempts at trying to teach English to Americans.

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Not to me it isn’t. And never will be.