Lawn Vandal Animal?

Remember I laid the new Lawn, well, some creature has taken a dislike to it, hope its not our Dog, anyone else experienced this.

Looks like a badgers mess

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Those brown patches look like urine burn from a female dog, they kill the grass…

Just going out to get 2 metres of turf, then will keep my eye on it.

My money is on badgers.
We had similar in our garden. They ate our strawberries too

I’m not saying that this is what might be doing your lawn Spitty, BUT …

I had shallow holes of a similar look along the boundary of my garden, bear in mindthough that I have a drainage ditch just a foot or so the other side of my boundary.
After lots of filling-in and grumbling as well as watching to see if I could spot what it was, I eventually found the culprits.

We still get this at the same time every year and only near the boundary.
And this is that time of year too, because I’ve had to do the repairs again.

We get grey squirrels digging the lawn up here too, but the holes they leave aren’t that big.

As we speak there is a squirrel digging up my lawn.

I wait till they have finished then fill in the holes.

Badger latrines are usually quite deep and filled with poo which at this time of year contains damson stones and fruit seeds. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was thinking much the same, Meg.
They are a right pain here at the moment too.

Looks like gopher holes but you probably don’t know what they are. :smirk:

Got the Turf, the damage is right in front of the office window and invisible from the house so, I will do the repair then might set a camera up on the office window ledge.

First hole done.

Squirrels dig up the bit of grass I would be hard pushed to call a lawn in the communal garden which is fine by me. Love watching them dig away.

lets just hope it is a phase, whatever is going through.

@spitfire Spitty the squirrels are laying down a winter store of nuts and acorns and will stop soon. They usually forget where many of them are buried .
They are even burying them in my large tubs of geraniums this year

Since I cut back this years catnip the squirrels have been using the planter as a dust bath. :grinning: