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Just hope they are wary of those leaving Conservative party.

Are ex-Conservative MPs crossing over to Reform UK?

It has been reported that Reform UK has been eyeing a number of northern red-wall seats, following Liz Truss’s exit from Parliament.

While some Tory politicians have been disillusioned with politics, instead choosing retirement, others may have chosen to defect.

Speaking to inews, current Reform UK leader Richard Tice said: “I think it’s fair to say, without saying too much, that there’s some very disaffected ‘Red Wall’, industrial-heartland Tory MPs who thought they were joining a Conservative Party and have found themselves in a socialist party. They’re very, very unhappy.

“So, you’re seeing some of them basically saying, ‘I’m abandoning politics altogether’, and some are having other considerable thoughts. That’s all I say.”

Tice is very clearly an arch idiot. The party these MP’s have ‘found themselves in’ is not socialist. It is incompetent. It is corrupt. But not socialist. These disaffected MPs will be on the political scrap heap after the next election whether they stay Tory, duck down to Reform or simply step down.

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Reform Party has such a low share of support, I doubt the Tory exodus will get Reform into power.
Support for Tories has gone down a lot more than the support for Reform has gone up - even if you add the whole Tory vote to the Reform vote from the latest YouGov Tracker of Voting intentions, the joint total is still less than the current support for Labour.

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Revealing the areas he plans to target for seats he said: “As we speak, I’ve got about 600 seats of which we’ve allocated. So we are well on the way. We’re being inundated with applicants to be candidates. We’ve had an absolute surge of members join us in recent weeks. We’ve had over seven and a half thousand. Literally, since Liz Trust left office.

Great parts of this country have been let down by both main parties. Labour let down those constituencies for decades and then the Tories came in. They promised to level up and they’ve done absolutely nothing. These are constituencies that actually benefited from the energy treasures we have under our feet, the coal, the gas, the oil. They understand what makes Britain tick and what makes Britain competitive in the manufacturing industry. They’ve all been let down.”

On the checks being carried out on potential candidates Mr Tice added: “We have to go through the whole vetting process. The most important thing is that candidates have a connection with the constituency. They’re either born there, they live there, or they work there. You’ve got to do this stuff, and every party always ends up with one or two horror shows. We’re doing the best we can. It’s often social media, stuff they’ve written, or said, and you have to look back a long way. So that’s what’s being done. There’s a cost and process to it, but it’s important to do it.”

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Prepared to listen to what he has to say.

If Tice is saying that folk who supported Liz Truss, and her political and economic agenda, have been rushing over from the Tory Party to support Reform UK since Liz Truss got booted out of the PM job, it makes me even less likely to want to listen to what Tice has got to say!

I was already aware of where the Reform UK Party stand on some major points and Tice’s latest statements don’t make me want to listen to his agenda in any more detail.
Tice is obviously going to try to take advantage of the country’s disgust with the Tory Party to increase his party’s share of the vote in the next election but I doubt it will be enough to give them an overall election victory.
They may pick up some seats in some areas but I hope they don’t manage to get many of their candidates into Parliament at the next election.

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Meaningless statistics, a Labour-led coalition government made up by all and sundry, with the country being hung out to dry.

Surely you are referring to the all too long Truss administration? If you think Labour can create problems for the country then you are grossly underestimating the wasteful and destructive abilities of the Conservatives. Their record is quite incredible.

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