Last to post wins (Part 3)

Mr Macy enjoys the finer things in life…art classes and exercises, honestly he’ll be so Zen by the end of the month!

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Mornings Orl. Just back from dog walking. Why oh why did I not wear my wellies!


Morning EZ…yes its puddle stomping time again!

Here are my “New Shoes” :icon_wink:


Bit on the small side for me.

They look like mine that I wear for work…SO comfy!

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My big toes are longer than those shoes

Small feet, blessed in other areas? :laughing:


Big 'Ed frinstance?


Funny :grin:

Some stuff still grows with age whist some things get smaller… :lol:

Some things get Knobbly

Sagging Sacks :icon_wink:

dripping noses

None of the above but watch this space,

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Still awaiting some kind of a revelation or 3! Easy Tiger… :roll_eyes:

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An appointment has been made at the hospital re my recent minor surgery.

I really feel a need to go for a long cold swim. But do I really want to swallow any sea water? Probably not.

Leave demystifying till the morning, good advice Spitty :icon_wink: