Larry the cat sees ‘em off

So pleased to see him back on duty in Downing St. He’s quite an elderly cat now and there were rumours he wasn’t well

It made me laugh the way he shook his head after Therese Coffey petted him, can’t be seen to favour a side and gotta shake off the cooties!

But he did his duty and escorted her in the right direction……towards the firing line!

A Jack Russell would be better for getting rid of rats.

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Aww! :joy:

Therese Coffey has never been high on my list but she did go up a notch in my estimation when she stopped to give Larry a goodbye stroke - but Larry’s reaction did make me laugh too! :joy_cat:

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Larry has no time for losers!

Larry is the only one who knows his job and has served honourably. Lord Larry of Downing Street.

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