Laptops annoying

Yes they are a real pain in the backside. Not for what they are for but those terrible tinny sounding speakers inside them. With modern technology surely they could be made to have a more base sound? That" ti ti ti " sound you get when someone nearby can’t be bothered to use earphones. Not only that but most see to have them turned up to maximuim volume deliberately to annoy everyone close by.

  1. Priorities/Cost Cutting by the manufacturer
  2. Laptop bodies are not good acoustically
  3. Small size requirements limit output.
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You get what you pay for. If you want acceptable sound from such small reproducers, the buy something that will give acceptable sound. Or if a tight arse, then listen to said lappy through some good quality ear pieces that provide good base frequencies. My little Sony earphones are excellent.

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The solution is obvious - Bluetooth speakers like a Flip4

I can link mine to our TV which includes a sound system with subwoofer. Much better.

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Bluetooth speakers yay

most laptops can be attached to tv’s with a long HDMI cord and then as mentioned you get the speaker quality of your tv

Or via Bluetooth.

TV’s have an equally poor audio reproduction for the same reason they are flat which is why soundbars are so popular. As has Bern mentioned Bluetooth is the way to go.

some of us oldies can’t afford bluetooth. Qu I have a gifted bluetooth stereo unit with separate speakers of course is there a way for me to hitch it up to either my old TV or fairly new laptop and make a difference - ah now we iz gettin technical!!

Connecting it to your old TV might be tricky and the laptop also without a few details.
Make and model of all three items would help.
Make is usually displayed on the front and model will usually be found on a label on the back or bottom of the item this is quite often small and silver in colour with this info we maybe able to help setting your kit up once we know what connections you have on all three items.:smiley::smiley:

On the laptop, right click the start button click Search, type in Bluetooth and see if your HiFi shows there. Connect if not paired already. It’s magic.

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THat sounds like or asumes I have already connected my blue tooth cd player to the laptop?? I have been through this process sorta before and wrecked everything so think I’ll leave it for now but thanks for tryin!

One device (laptop) detects another device (CD Player) in the vicinity. AFAIK.

ok I’ll play along with this for a while [can’t believe I;m doing this] yes did that and my laptop seems to have detected bluetooth. there is a + that says add bluetooth or other device and also sliding button to turn on bluetooth and also shows audio generic pnp monitor - see what I mean I am already out of my depth??

You are buggered … do a system restore, then turn off everything at the mains circuit board.

Only joking :icon_eek: EEK

Any chance that you could answer my question about make and model particularly of laptop and sound system?

What’s a Bluetooth stereo anyway?

What you need is a JBL speaker $50

So your say on a beach with the laptop connected to a TV? how weird is that

Bluetooth can be stereo both my JBL Flip4 and Sony headset are stereo. Though speakers are only a few cm apart in the Flip4 so separation is a moot point but the noise cancelling headphones provide great separation when connected to laptop, TV or phone.