Landseer - The Arab Tent

Edwin Landseer The Arab Tent
I love it !


That is simply lovely!

Years ago I copied it and gave it to someone as a gift couldn’t do it again

That’s beautiful Muddy!

That is an amazing oil painting, I read it was completed in 1866?

I’ve never seen such exquisite work…it’s quite Mind blowing actually, just looking at it.

I love Landseer - not everyone likes Victorian painters - but he’s has such a gift for animals,

he also did the Lions in Trafalgar Square .

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An amazing painting!

His horses are almost as good as yours!

If only they were…Here is another The shoeing of the Bay Mare


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@Muddy - I love the shine on the mare’s coat!

I meant if only mine had a tiny fraction of Landseers brilliance . Yes the shine is amazing and the wrinkles in her skin and her lovely head curious but docile as she stands unhaltered for the blacksmith .

He is a magnificent oil painter, I have been looking at this paintings, I will post some here, when my son shows me how.

I’ve never seen paintings like that in my life, i can’t see anyone in his time who can top his oil paintings.

Especially of animals!!.