Ladies of the forum I dare you!

To post a photo of yourself in your most unflattering outfit. :smiley:

OK then - here is one of mine. Taken in Llandudno a couple of years ago.
I don’t know what posessed me to wear this outfit. Amongst other things it makes me look fat!!!

It’s not the outfit Carol, that looks fine by me but it’s the shoes. No one should ever wear Jesus creepers. :-p:-p Stick a pair of heels on and you look great. ;-):wink:

You don’t look fat at all Carol
In fact I think you look very nice

Maybe a different coloured top under the jacket would have broken up the similar shades of blue. That’s probably the thing that gives you the impression that you look bigger.

If I can get my friend to send me the photo of me in my graduated colour dress I’ll post it.
Unfortunately it’s an unflattering shift style dress. Looks great with my tailored black leather jacket but in this particular picture I’m not wearing the jacket!
I look like I’m all arms with massive cream boobs fading down to black at the knee and the spindliest legs
The cut of the dress is so straight that the curve of my waist is hidden. I look like an upside down pyramid!

Hmm on second thoughts… I might not post it!:mrgreen:


Ummmm why? :cool:

Hahaha Rhian. You crack me up most times. :lol:
That was hilarious. :mrgreen:

Yes, the colour is lovely, it’s as Longdogs says, those shoes.:lol:

Oh I’ve remembered a better one… from one of my Christmas “do” nights in December
In this selfie I hadn’t yet done my hair or applied my make-up (what was I thinking?!) so brace yourselves before you click on it!
The dress is ok but it has thin straps so I wore that hideous furry shrug thing. I didn’t notice until I looked back at the photo that it had gotten way too big for me. The sleeves were baggy and the brown/black fur didn’t match the dress at all!
Oh well, we are all allowed fashion faux pas once in a while I hope!

Scruffy horse person. It was my favourite look.:lol:

Yes I agree about the sandals. I’d only put them on for comfort - we were going an after dinner walk. I had worn nice shoes previously to dinner.

The outfit def does make me look fat though.:shock:

Gawd :shock:

Are you going into that mirror Rhian or coming out? Have you been to Wonderland? :-p:-p

Sorry Carol, I cheated I had to put on my best outfit .

Well, I for one am in Wonderland looking at that photo :049::-p

It’s nice to see you people showing us what you look like, and it’s pleasing to the eye. Just waiting for the ones who are only a cat or a bunch of flowers in their avatars to ‘come out’ from their mysteriousness. :lol:

carol. That Denim Jacket is lovely and all the rage now as well. A nice white T-Shirt would look nice with the jacket and skirt and wedge sandals.


Thanks everybody who thought I didn’t look too bad except the shoes. I had been wearing nice shoes previously but I’d put them on for comfort to go an evening walk.

Analysing it now I see that stretchy blue top is the main culprit. It stretches over my middle & accentuates my already flabby tum.

Needless to say after seeing this photo it’s gone to the charity shop.

Love all the other photos. Thanks for posting.:slight_smile: