Ladies how do you clean your face?

Still using soap and water ? One of those foam cleansers maybe ?
Not a face washer ? Cleanser out of a bottle ? Then what to follow? I mean you can’t leave your face greasy?

The beauty regime can never cease .
I’ve been doing it since my early teens but never stuck to the same method . Have you?

I haven’t used soap and water on my face since l was about 15 or 16. I bought some Anne French cleansing milk and started to use that instead.
l then started using Ponds Cleansing Cream and l have used that ever since. Ponds then changed the formula and put it into smaller jars. I didn’t like it.
I saw that the original green top jar was available on Amazon but came from America. I ask for it when my children ask me what l want for Christmas or my birthday. The jar is huge and it lasts for ages.
I put night cream on my face after cleansing.

I religiously cleanse my face with it every night. I could not sleep without taking my make up off. Even these days during lockdown and l didn’t wear any make up. I still cleansed my skin.
I see looking after your skin from a young age is like paying into an insurance which pays off at the end of it!

Zuleika, l have a feeling you might ask me if l use an astringent after cleansing my skin. :slight_smile:

I’m reading this hoping for some tips… mind, I don’t bother wearing makeup (haven’t done for years) as once you reach a certain age it seems to look too much like mutton dressed as lamb.

I’ve heard of Anne French though … that was a good light cleansing milk.

Has anyone tried these micellar water/cleanser concoctions?
They all seem to be the rage along with hyaluronic acid.

Morticia, l am pleased that you remember that ‘rave from the grave’ name, Anne French!

I don’t plaster make up on. I use it in a subtle way as there is nothing worse than loads of make up on an older lady… ie. Barbara Cartland. Less is more.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong for making yourself look brighter and that you’ve made the effort.
I think it’s worse…to let yourself go!

Anne French! :smiley: I can still remember the smell and the tapering shaped bottle. Cleansers used to smell awful in those days.

I use Neal’s Yard Calendula cleanser and no toner. Just nivea creme. I’ve used it for about ten years ever since I started reacting to just about anything. It leaves the skin lovely and soft.

An old natural foam cleanser by ‘Burts Bees.’

Pressure washer. :mrgreen:

Actually the gulf does the best job, incredible has your skin feels after a couple of hours of cool salt water.

If you look at the ingredients, most cleansers are the same, so I tend to purchase what’s on sale that’s not tested on animals. It’s the moisturizer and sunscreen that matter most.

Absolutely,Art…I use face wipes to clean my face…never anything else. :slight_smile:

Plus, a tinted moisturiser ,little lipstick…usually nothing on my eyes…other than a tiny amount of eye liner…

Warm water …:slight_smile:

So long since I was in the sea ! :frowning:
I love the feel of salt water on my skin .

Gentle soap, warm water, moisturiser. Good to go. I did use micellar water for a while just because my daughter mentioned it and it was on sale. Its a cleanser that did the job I suppose. Nothing special about it - but then I don’t wear make up so don’t really need special cleaning stuff.

So, I use an old fashioned cold cream to remove make-up. Then a form cleanser. A light toner and a moisturiser during the day and a rich night cream at night with an eye cream.

Sunday’s is a quick face, neck and chest area steam, and an egg white mask (do not beat the egg white) just lather it on your face, neck AND chest area then let it it dry - 45minutes.
I have zero wrinkles and you’ll know why when you try this! You’ve only got one face! Don’t buy all those expensive fancy masks - this is best thing in the world! My mum put all my sisters on this routine at age 14. It’s a weekly ritual.

Same here Pixie. :023:

Warm water and moisturiser, I prefer the natural look at my age! :smiley:

Good to read posts this morning ,I remember Pond’s cold cream and my mother using Anne French milk .
I was thinking about going back to soap and water… but which soap … followed by …yes Art …toner .
Somehow I’ve got into thinking using products like cleansing cream …I use L’Oreal for mature skin daily , builds up and a deep cleanse is necessary .
What do others think ?
I was looking at some goat’s milk soap online last night .
Then Clinique products , Liz Hurley swears by them and look at her !

That just makes me think of the hairgel moment in there’s something about Mary…:-D:-D:shock:

Ah, but Liz Hurley probably gets paid an awful lot of money to praise Clinique products. :wink:

When l was in my late teens, l remember making a face pack with porridge oats!

The other pack pack l used to make was Fullers Earth mixed with Witch Hazel!

The things we used to do, to get nice skin!

Porridge oats make a great exfoliator once or twice a week, mix with a little water and gently massage your face after cleansing, rinse well and apply moisturiser or face cream

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Ambre, The drawback was, my brother used to threaten to tell my boyfriends that l put porridge on my face if l didn’t lend him my car!!
I used to hand my car keys over, l couldn’t have my street cred damaged!! :lol: