Lack of prices displayed in coffee shops

For two years I have been writing to the head office of the Muffin Break franchise regarding not displaying prices of their product in the cabinets.
Their response was always the same.
We will pass on your suggestions to the display cabinet committee.
Today whilst waiting for a new tyre to be fitted on my MG, I moseyed over for a coffee at Muffin Break and lo and behold, all produce now have a price tag attached.
A victory for persistence


your persistents paid off! knowing the price i wonder if it will put people off buying .

I paid £3.50 for a Cappuccino when I lunched out but it was a treat , along with a Jacket Potato,+salad , it came to £10 …Overall I thought not bad .
And I will do it again on Pension day :smiley:

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The reason I persisted was not everyone has enough money to buy a coffee and cake.
Many people do not like asking how much something is so they don’t ask. They buy a coffee only. The food sits there all week. Much of it gets taken home buy the proprietor because it remained unsold.
I visited a coffee shop on Saturday with no prices displayed so I asked the price of 7 items.
The owner was getting peeved. I simply said if you had prices displayed then I would not have gone through this charade.
To which he said - “I do not need to display prices”
Me - “Sure, it is your prerogative, I am simply saying you might sell more if people knew how much everything cost”
He got angry and asked me to leave. :rofl:

You Rebel :sweat_smile:


Good for you. :+1:
If you lived in U.K. you could notify the local Trading Standards Office about issues like this.
Not displaying prices would probably fall foul of the fair trading standards regulations here in U.K.
Generally, failing to display prices could constitute unfair trading if the omission is likely to affect how customers behave. For example, customers might not choose to use your service if they knew in advance how much it would cost.
We sometimes get a Trading Standards officer doing a random surprise check on our shop - if there is any item without a clear price displayed, they’ll note it down in their Report. If there’s just a couple of shelf labels missing or some minor issues, they just record it and tell you to rectify it but I think if you didn’t display any prices and refused to comply with pricing regulations even after being told what you need to do, I think the Trading Standards would take legal action against you.

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He’s a rebel and he’ll never ever be any good
He’s a rebel 'cause he never ever does what he should
But just because he doesn’t do what everybody else does
That’s no reason why I can’t give him all my time (sic)

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If I want a drink or meal, and the place isn’t displaying prices, they just don’t get my custom. I have been known to wander inside and check the menu, if I see them on tables, or peer up at the boards. I do like to know beforehand what my bill is likely to be. I hate nasty surprises.


Same here. I tend to go into Costa Coffee or Starbucks, but if I happen to wander into somewhere else and no prices are displayed, I tend to think they have something to hide and walk.

I won’t normally give either of them my custom, but my brother gave me a gift card for Costa last year. I normally get coffees from Greggs or a McD. Or I take a flask out with me.

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We used to have a coffee shop in our village.A French couple owned it,not part of a franchise.No prices displayed because they were variable and depended on her mood.Fortunately she liked my BH so she always went in to order.

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I’d avoid anywhere that didn’t display prices because I’d assume it was a rip off and they hoped I buy before checking

Remember the ice cream vans in central London who didn’t display prices and would wait until the goodies were in the tourists hands before telling them they were a fiver each?

But even when they do display prices it can be horrific nowadays

My friend and I went to a garden centre last week and planned on having a scone with butter and jam with our coffee

When we looked at the price list, one scone was £3.60. A tiny pot of jam to go with it was £1.30 and a pat of butter £1.20. So that’s over five quid!

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