Kwasi Kwarteng pockets £27,000 for 30-minute speech to Swiss bankers

Just months after he and Liz Truss tanked the UK economy with their kamikaze mini-budget, Mr Kwarteng has started raking in cash from public speaking.

He spoke at April’s Fund Experts Forum in Zurich, which focused on Swizerland’s relationship with Europe, delivering a speech entitled: “Growth Plan for Europe – How to Get Back in the Driver’s Seat.”

The ex-Chancellor spoke for around 30 minutes in the afternoon, directly before former European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker.

The event closed with a “networking” event, including a “gin tasting.”

Parliament records reveal Mr Kwarteng received payment of £27,000 from Tamedia Finanz und Wirtschaft, the Swiss firm that runs the conference, at the end of May.

Mr Kwarteng declared the speech constituted 12 hours of work, amounting to £2,250 per hour.

More fools the bankers … :man_shrugging: