Kitchen light fitting replacement

I think I began a thread previously
about this …can’t find it
I don’t want to light up the ceiling ,I want to light up the room .
My kitchen is dark and so I need …
I think … several lamps

on a …don’t remember what they’re called …that you can adjust the position of . fitted with
LED bulbs

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LED kitchen string lights ?

Strip lights with individually adjusted led spots.
We have two strips 3 led spots per strip, individually focused down to various areas ,
Had them up now about 4 years and only replaced 1 bulb.

I can’t picture them .is there a pic anywhere ?

Thanks but I don’t think those will do what I want

Is this more of what you are thinking.

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That looks good

something like this maybe?

dead sexy bit of lighting and what a talking point

I have almost the same in my “office”

Was it this one from March 2021? You were looking for light fittings at that time, from what I can tell. Some nice ideas in the thread.

Yes that was the thread .
Big decisions because a lot of them look so nice ,sound so nice but might not suit when you open the box …so to speak .
I still detest LED lightbulbs too !