King Charles donates fridges and freezers to UK food banks

The King’s donation will see 800 fridges and freezers delivered to the causes between now and spring 2023. The white goods will be distributed to local charities and food banks identified by London-based charity, The Felix Project.

Felix Project boss Charlotte Hill said freezers will enable them to store more food which can be drawn out later on. At Christmas we see a huge increase in surplus donations, yet unfortunately in previous years we have had to turn down tens of thousands of kilos of food," she said. “The new fridges and freezers will enable us to store more food, which can be drawn on later down the line at times when donations dip, as well as reducing food waste.”

The £1m fund includes a “substantial personal donation” from the King, a grant from The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund and donations from a range of funders, the charity said.

Sarian Karim, the founder of Keep the Drums and Lose the Knife, a partner charity that provides community food and is based in Southwark in south London, will be getting a freezer in the next few months. “Every day we hear heart-breaking stories from our recipients about how they cannot afford to eat and are skipping meals,” she said. “They rely on the food we give, but we want to help more and to do that we need more food. We are beyond excited to be receiving this freezer. It will be incredible and mean we can store more and do more for those in need.”

An admirable gesture from H.M. and one that is deeply appreciated by charities … :+1:


Well ok, that’s all well and good, but he might have helped keep them on, as well…maybe some energy vouchers or something. Not being mean, or anything…it’s an admirable gesture, as you say…

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Energy vouchers would be of temporary benefit but food storage facilities will last for years … :+1:


I have to approve .
This is the second thing that he done right .
The first was banning foie gras from royal menus .