Killing the Ivy

This Canary Island Ivy that we planted 40years ago is taking over the garden. Time to kill it off I think. We are too old now to cope with it.

The garden is about 40 metres long & it stretches down both sides. On one side it’s clinging to the fence & the other side it weaves it’s way in & out of the privet hedge.

I’ve advertised on ‘My Builder’ for a gardener to kill it off & remove it.
I’ve had some responses & three gardeners are coming in the next few days to give me an estimate.

I wonder if anybody here would like to guess how much it will cost me?

I’ll let you know when the last of them have been on Monday.


When I bought my house the fence was being destroyed by Wisteria. Some of the stems were nearly as thick as my wrist and it extended along the fence line for over 50metres. I cut it down and burned it (that was allowed in those days) but it took me three years, and god knows how much neat glycosphate to entirely rid the garden of it

On the other side of the garden it took a similar time to get rid of all traces of a miniature bamboo.

I’m guessing at least £500-900 to get rid of so much. It’s a lot of work because the roots will have extensive spread.

I had the most shocking experience cutting ivy some years back. A really thick branch had grown right up inside the fence between two planks. So I found set to cutting through the thickest part. It was hard work but eventually I managed to cut through and then was likely heard saying some very rude words after the neighbour’s entire rambling climbing rose and various other foliage displays that it turns out were attached to the ivy fell into the neighbour’s garden. Pretty much taking up half the width of the lawn.

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There was a mass of variegated ivy covering a neighbour’s sixty year old garage at the bottom of our garden. The fairly new neighbour has decided to demolish the old garage and the ivy has gone with it. He’s putting up a new fence - so a fresh start and he’s got a bigger garden!


I’ve had three estimates.

I’ve accepted one by a very experienced gardener. He quoted me £350. This included taking it all away.
I thought that was very reasonable.


Just finished hacking back the ivy from next doors garden, a- creeping under, and over fences - seems to take hold and envelop all the evergreens, during the winter when they have free reign to do as they please!

Anyway it looks much better, but still a lot more to do.
I like to keep areas of the garden a bit weedy, for the wildlife to enjoy, but i really hate that ivy - it gradually strangles the lovely shrubs to death.

We had ivy from a neighbour’s garden growing up the house. We cut through the stem down near the root put an old piece of plastic through because it can join together again, left it 6 month to die, then pulled it off the brickwork.

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Good thinking d00d :+1:

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The neighbour did most of the work, he drilled holes into the stump and poured something into the holes to kill the root.

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