Kerala floods: Indian couple sail to their wedding in giant cooking pot

The bride and groom were scheduled to be married at the Thalavadi Panayannoorkavu Devi temple in Alappuzha on Monday, according to a report by state news agency ANI. However, heavy rainfall that has lashed the area recently caused the roads to flood, forcing them to find another form of transport for their big day.

  • Its great how people overcome such challenges, and I’m glad they managed to get married despite their ordeal. :+1: :wedding: Pretty creative thinking though :joy:

The Indians are very resourceful people. I can remember some villagers making sandals out of old tyres & innertubes and others making all sorts of kitchen implements etc from used cooking oil cans.


I bet those sandals aren’t very comfortable to wear with nails sticking out like that. Fair do’s on ingenuity, though.

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There are some terrible things happening in Kerala and Tamil Nadu right now. We don’t really see/hear much about this in our media. I came across this on social media reports about the floods. There’s quite a bit of political turmoil in India but not high profile here, not that our media dumbs things down…

The floods are truly devastating. Houses with all their memories just disappearing in the deluge. People losing everything including their lives.

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Did you read about the government taking over the farmers land and the protests which took place as a result? You are right, our media doesn’t cover these things (enough).

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I find Aljazeera reports far more world events than the UK news broadcasters.

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Yes, i follow that, along with RT news sometimes.

They have also thrown people out of temples saying that they are government property. I don’t fully understand the background but it seems there have been human rights abuses in the region. Difficult to get an understanding as our press isn’t too interested.

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This…absolutely right.