Keeping grey hair bright?

So I don’t have a lot of choice for shops here , having to rely on the local chemist or supermarkets for beauty products, and I stumped with finding a shampoo/conditioner for grey hair I’m not allergic to. A Touch of Silver seems to be all that’s around locally and I’m terribly allergic to it

Now I don’t mind shopping online, but I need some good old fashioned word of mouth recommendations

Any other ladies/ men on here who have gone grey, what do you use?

Can’t really help as touch of silver is only one I know about. I wonder if you went to a Sally’s outlet they supply hairdressers, and look around there as the new grey look the kids are loving so much is becoming popular and they must have something suitable for them.

I’m lucky Missy, because an old friend is a hairdresser and she comes and puts hi-lights in for me.

I didn’t want an all-over solid colour, I think just the hi-lights look more natural, and I have no regrowth to worry about either.

I use organic shampoos and conditioners, and my hair is still nice and soft and shiny - even if I do say so meself. :slight_smile:

Missy I found this I hope it helps

Missy darlin’ - have been ‘white’ for many years. I use Pantene (smooth & sleek) shampoo and conditioner.

I refuse to go grey gracefully. I have mine dyed every 6 weeks at my hairdressers & she is brilliant at cutting it too. My hair is brown.

Oh no it isn’t - its pepper and salt!!! ;-):lol::wink:

I’m actually looking forward to it at the moment it’s just in places not all over, that’s harder to manage I find as what I need for grey I don’t need for the rest :confused:


We have a lady in Whitchurch, quite elderly, with silver hair.

She wears it in a ponytail, down to her waist and quite frankly looks stunning.

My grey is quite fragile and breaks, I have a feeling my long hair won’t be so possible once I am grey.

Only on the week before the good hair do day.:lol:

I hated that & have dyed it since it got to the stripey part…

I had to have mine cut off shorter too, it fell out in handfuls.
Since I’ve had it done it doesn’t fall out as much, though my hair is very fine.

I love my grey and it’s staying

Unfortunately it’s very porous and takes colour on from impurities in the air, when I worked in kitchens it would get a yellow tinge from the fat in the air

I don’t have a Sally’s near so that’s why I was asking if anyone had any recommendations themselves

What’s a Sally’s?

An outlet that supplies hairdressers Mups ( Post #2 by Julie).
Never heard of it myself either.

:blush: I haven’t been to a hairdressers since 1989.
I’ve never dyed or tinted my hair and wouldn’t have a clue how to do it.
I do despair of my hair a bit now it’s going grey. I don’t mind the grey, or wont when it’s all over …

I sometimes get women coming up, touching my hair and telling me I’m very brave.
I never know quite how to take that.

It’s thick, long and bushy and when I give it a good brush it fluffs up and stands out like wire wool or I’ve just stuck my fingers in a live socket.

Thanks Mort, I had missed post 2.

You make your mop sound charming. :lol:

Sounds like you need moisture, I like to put coconut oil on my frizzy curly mop each week, sleep in it and wash out next morning, makes a huge difference.

But if you sleep in it, doesn’t it stain your pillow, or do you wrap your hair up first? :confused:

I braid my hair and wrap it in an old t shirt. Actually that’s a point I never use a towelling towel on my hair always wrap it in old tshirts, or it goes really wiry. Towelling is death to bright curly hair.

I have to braid mine to sleep anyway or I wake up with so many knots I may as well just give up the morning to teasing them out.

This is me too :frowning: Mine is not so grey that is shows much but nearly down to my waist and curly/frizzy. I use gallons of serum on it and it’s always plaited, even straight after washing.

Maybe when it’s long enough to sit on I might get it chopped…if it doesn’t fall out before then :001:

More like Medusa if I put a hairdryer on it.

It gets washed and braided and once those braids are brushed out it goes ballistic. :-p