Karcher window vac

I’m thinking of treating myself to a Karcher window vac but there are so many different models…

Which one (if any) would you advise please?

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This website may be helpful, it gives all the specifications with prices. Prices are from Amazon but there may possibly be better prices on other websites. Probably best to find the model you want and then go on various websites for comparison:

A while back when I was looking for a Karcher cleaner for the car / garden I found Screwfix
had the best prices:


I’ll never buy a Karcher window vac again. I’ve had two and both packed in so I went for a Beldray one, just as good at half the price and has lasted twice as long.


Comparisons between Karcher window vacs and Beldray window vacs at Amazon:


that’s a price comparison, I paid £21 for mine…mind you that was last year. Pity they didn’t give a product comparison

I did look for a product comparison website giving prices too but couldn’t find one. I am informed that almost everything has gone up in price now, coronavirus and Brexit is probably to blame for that. :slightly_frowning_face:


Ditto, two the same.
The one I’ve got now is a Leifheit which IMHO is far, far better than Karcher and has lasted 3 years so far which is way beyond the lifespan of the Karcher ones in my experience.

My first Karcher lasted a year the second lasted about 9 months

Well I opened this thread because I too am interested in buying some sort of window vac/steamer. So thanks for those who’ve reviewed their Karcher ones - I won’t be investing in one of them then!

(I wonder if any members on here subscribe to Which! Just saying… :lol:)

From memory around the same and I bought the second direct from Karcher. I found their warranty to be useless and their customer service to be terrible too.

@Bathsheba : I’m sure that there are lots of decent ones out there but I can honestly say the Leifheit one is great, and it’s had a fair bit of use.

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Thanks for that Zaphod, I shall go investigate.

I bought one of the top Karcher models because it was on a 50% off deal at Screwfix when we had Velux windows to keep clean. We bought it with us when we moved even though we don’t have any angled windows in our bungalow. Pretty much a waste of time as far as I’m concerned now.

@Percy_Vere There we are, a ready buyer for you at the right price!
I don’t charge much commission by the way! :grinning:

:grin: Did I say I wanted to sell mine on?

No, you didn’t, just a thought which might have been helpful and also you mentioned it was
“Pretty much a waste of time as far as I’m concerned now.” :roll_eyes: :grinning:

There’ll always be an exception I suppose. We have had a Karcher Window Vac for 9 years and it’s still going OK. It is used on cold winter mornings for vacuuming up condensation on the windows. Our house is a bit prone to to that and it has been good and long-lived enough for this use.

I found a use for ours this morning after V asked me to clean our shower screen. It did a fairly good, reasonably streak-free job.

It’s good to see that some folk have Karcher window vac’s that have served them well but personally I still have the dead remains of at least one and maybe two in bits in a box in the garage and even though the second was under guarantee, Karcher who I bought it from refused point blank to honour their warranty.
I maybe could have taken matters further but TBH I didn’t think it worth the hassle and instead vowed never again to buy anything from that brand.
My pressure washer is not a Karcher as a result.

A guy I know bought a Karcher pressure washer and it broke down on the 3rd or 4th use. He got it changed under warranty, and the replacement broke just after its warranty expired. He stripped it down, found that a tiny plastic part had broken, got a metal replacement from a long-abandoned pressure washer, rebuilt his and it’s worked perfectly well ever since.

Thanks for all the answers everybody.
I have finally decided - and it’s not a Karcher.

I am a great admirer of Bosch and when I saw they did a window vac I have just ordered one from Amazon.
I am helping my DIL clean her house up at the weekend following a house move. Hopefully my window vac will have arrived by then and I can put it to use. I told Paula I would clean the windows amongst other things…