Just saying hello

hello, I’m new and have very little confidence :blush:
but I managed to find this site which seems a good place to be :slight_smile: all I have to do now is find my way around :confused::

I will have a look at the threads and posts :024: and hopefully join in soon.

If I need I get confused I will just shout :100:

bye for now :wink:

Good Morning! :slight_smile: Welcome aboard.

Hi Joan, a very warm welcome to you, hope you enjoy it here…:slight_smile:

Hello Joan :039: a warm welcome to you:-)

I feel sure you will soon fit in with us, we have some lovely friendly people here who will make you feel at home in no time.:slight_smile:

Enjoy the forum and by all means ‘shout’ if you are confused by anything! :smiley:

Hello there lass and welcome to the forum. No need to be shy here as everyone is very warm and friendly. :smiley:

Hello Joan :slight_smile: welcome. I look forward to chatting with you .

Don’t worry about not having any confidence. If you need help with anything just ask :slight_smile:

A yorkshire lass confused, now that will be a first, welcome Joan to the forum, from a lancashire lass.

Hi Joan :039:
Don’t shout in my direction, I’m useless :lol: but everyone is friendly and helpful so I’m sure you’ll be fine:-D

Joan darlin’ although I now live in far south, for over 18 months I lived in Batley and worked in and around Huddersfield and Dewsbury. Are you anywhere close to these???

Hello Joan welcome to the forum

Hello Joan, nice to meet you and a very warm welcome to you!.

Hello and a big welcome from me Joan, I am sure you will soon settle in here and enjoy yourself as much as we all do.

While I am at it, I would also like to offer a very big welcome to all other recent newcomers, I don’t get a lot of time to whizz through the various threads so enjoy yourselves everybody.

Hello and welcome Joan.
Look forward to your post, do hope you join us all.


Hello Joan :039: A warm welcome to our warm and friendly forum :slight_smile:

I’ve also lived in Huddersfield for 20 years and now I’m here in South Wales :slight_smile:

Hello Joan…Hope you enjoy your time here…:-D:-D

Hello Joan, nice to meet you - hope you enjoy the forum…