Just our luck "not" in Japan

Mount Fuji in Japan. The top as usual we were informed covered in cloud


Oh 'eck Realspeed!!
However… they are still stunning photos.
Are you there now?!

I’ve visited a few times and only saw it once without cloud covering the summit, and your photo’s look similar to a place I stopped on the way to a hotel near Mt. Fuji to have a break and a snack.The bemusement on peoples’ faces at me eating noodles with chopsticks while they were using forks was a pictute!

Sadly I lost almost all my photographs before I moved here but that’s another story.

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No Rhian just going through some holiday photos from Japan

Sulpher fumes which is why there are no trees or vegitation around there. They actually cook eggs in the sulper and they are black when done,Supposed to taste nice we were told

Me being me and not holding back I wanted a photo of a lady in traditioal Japanes dress. This nice lady on the way to go and pray let me take her photo. I asked by sign language pointing to the camera then to her motioning as using a camera. She nodded and smiled, so nice of her. So she stood there and let me take the photo

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Marge has been talking about us going on holiday to Japan, and you know what that means.
I’m going to have to begin to learn some basic Japanese.

The first thing is knowing the custom of bowing down. yes even a correct and incorrect way believe it or not.
1= if meeting someone for the first time a slight bow is all that is required
2= If already friendly with someone then you bow down a bit more
3= If family or relation then a deep bow is correct.

Can I just say that the time you leave Japan you will find yourself doing the same

You will find they are very exact in everything they do. If a train pulls into a station it will be exactly on time and at the right platform gate.
get down late in a hotel for breakfast? tough luck you missed it

Useful information, thank you.
Of course, I’m quite adept at bowing now, having been married for 34 years.

If you have a bow wow then take it walkies
Oh if you see that video you will see you have to stand in the right place EXACTLY, it is like a major crime if you don’t