Just joined the forum

Hello everyone!

Have only just joined the forum and found things a little confusing
just to make this post. Hope to get the hang of all the different categories available asap.


Welcome, Grayster!

It will get easier…!

Hi Grayster :039:
Well done for starting a thread… it does get easier :grin:

Hi Grayster. You might find it wise to click the badges at the top and then view the latest topics, until you find your feet.

Hi Grayster,
Welcome to the forum.

Unless I’m looking for a particular topic, I usually just read the threads with the “latest posts” too - click on the “3 bar” menu button on top right of the screen and click on “latest”

I hope you enjoy finding your way around the site and soon settle in.

Hello Grayster,

How are you?

A big welcome to the forum, :grinning:

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Hello Grayster, a very warm welcome to Over50sChat……

Hello Grayster

Good afternoon Grayster

Welcome to our forum, i’ve been on this forum a long time now and i’m still confused.

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Hey Grayster!

Welcome to the forum.

Great job on starting your first thread.

Hello and welcome.

Hello and welcome i still get confused so don’t worry :slight_smile:

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A suitable epitaph for us all.

Welcome to the forum :pig:

Hello Grayster ,welcome . Lots to read in and take part in ,in here . :smiley:

Hello @Grayster and welcome to the forums. You’ll get the hang of it, just keep practicing.

Good to see you Grayster, I look forward to reading you…