just Hello.

Hello to people on 50’s Forum:-)

Hello emcee61 and welcome to the forum. :smiley:

Hi emcee61 :slight_smile: a very warm welcome to the forum…

Hello, and welcome!

Welcome Mike.

Hi! [w]12[/w]

Hello Mike :slight_smile: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you :slight_smile:

My, you have big eyes…

Thank you peeps.

All the better to see you with!:slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum Mike and hope you enjoy the conversations. :lol:

Hello EmC welcome from Patsy :slight_smile:

Hello, and a very warm welcome to you.:slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum look forward to chatting

Hello and welcome emcee.:smiley:

Hi Mike,

Welcome to our forum, we are very friendly on here.

thank you everyone.

Hi Mike and welcome from me too :slight_smile:

Good afternoon Mike matey and welcome from me too.

Hi EmC and welcome to the forum.