Just Back. Seeking Opinions

I just came back from visiting this place for a week. What do you think?
There is something peculiar about it.

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Apart from hardly any people there do you mean ?

Is it virtual?

Where is everyone? :open_mouth:

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I am an early riser and took most photos fairly early.

These rehab centres are getting very posh :wink:

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No it’s not virtual. One of the photos looks very odd, but I was there. Back to edit to say that the fire in the fireplace was artificial.

Apparently, I was up and moving before most. It was very crowded later in the day.

So what is it that you find peculiar?

It is missing one of your lovely paintings! :slightly_smiling_face:

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What is unusual is that this is not a resort, hotel, or restaurant complex.

Then what might it be?

Hahaha. You might be closer to the truth than you know, but wine bottles in the upscale restaurant?

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Looks like an elderly residential home…

My first thought was, I wonder how many cleaners they have, I wouldn’t fancy cleaning that.

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Is it a Private Hospital? Or Care Home ?

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My first thought was that it looked like a Star Trek set!

But that lobby with the big windows looks so familiar

I wonder if it’s been used in a TV show?

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Are you checking this place out as a possibility for your mum perchance?

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Yes! It is Mayo Clinic, one of the most highly regarded hospitals in the country. I just returned from a week there with my daughter (she is fine; we are just transitioning to this hospital for care), and was astounded by what I saw: marble floors, expensive artwork, fireplaces, fountains, and warm welcoming places.

But I am of two minds; while this is an extraordinary facility - right down to beautiful original artwork, a gourmet restaurant with an extensive wine list, cozy waiting areas and hospital rooms - could this money be better spent on cures and treatment? Or is it worth it to provide seriously ill patients with lovely and peaceful surroundings? And do these design features and surrounds entice and keep talented physicians, nurses and technicians? :thinking:

Is this typical of the hospitals where you are?

These latest photos are screen grabs:

Standard hospital room.

Sleeping cubby for parents in pediatric wing. Windows open to the outdoors.

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 8.24.45 AM

Standard exam room. Sofas installed because it is anticipated that all patients will have at least one person with them.

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It’s certainly not typical of NHS hospitals here!

Although, to be fair, could people where you are afford to be treated there if their medical insurance didn’t cover it?

The lobby did remind me a lot of the Bristol heart hospital where my dad had his heart surgery, which is NHS

It’s a fantastic place. With state of the art technology and very modern but the emphasis is still more on treatment than luxurious

Well, if that’s a private hospital then some mugs are paying through the nose to fund it … :astonished:


Nothing new there SM. The best fire effects are from programmable LCD screens set into the fireplace.