Just Another Sunny Day in Florida: Storm Surge

In Florida, there is always a lot of discussion about whether or not to evacuate.

The mantra is, “It’s the water, not the wind, that will get you.”



Looks awful, we have the tail end of the hurricane up here and the sea is scary just now. But nothing like what you have. Keep safe.


Awesome is an overused word but I can’t think of anything more apt (in a biblical sense) to apply to the relentless power of that surge … :scream:

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What shocking pictures @Surfermom , I hope you and your family are safe.

It’s good to see you again Mom…. :clap::grinning:


Saw this on Reddit yesterday. Amazing stuff. Lots of pictures of people helping out others too since lots of people got stranded.


Keep you and yours safe…it looks very scary


Roxy, I have been watching some of the incredible photos coming from your way. It’s beautiful in an awesome way that reminds you nature is always in charge. Hope you are well!

Omah, yes, “awesome” is terribly overused, but it definitely applies here. We had a surge that came up that fast, but it was only two feet high. The force of the water coming in is unreal.

Hi, Mags! Good to “see” you too. All is well where we are; we are grateful to be on the giving end of the recovery this time around.

PK and Butterscotch, thanks for your good thoughts!


I was impressed by the way the house decided to unilaterally evacuate.

It was also interesting to see the wind turn through 180 degrees after as the “other side” of the cyclone came into action.

The death toll is a tragedy.

We were once in a category 2 hurricane in the Caribbean
That was bad enough

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