Just a big con!

First let me say I have great admiration for the ladies below for not succumbing to cosmetic surgery.

I dare bet their beauty products are more expensive than mine and yet I can vouch even though I only use Oil if Olay my skin looks no worse than theirs…

I think the beauty industry is a multi million pound con. It’s a farce really & should be ended under the trades description act.

Do you still buy expensive beauty products and can you honestly say they’ve made a difference?


I haven’t bought beauty products nor make up for years. Not since I went through the change. I use Simple shower gel & Head & Shoulders for my hair & that’s it.

Yes, I do invest in quality products and treatments and I don’t have any wrinkles at my age. So, I do believe it works. A healthy lifestyle also helps.

Of course, good genes help as well. My mom doesn’t look her age either:-)

Not even moisturiser or hand cream Tiffany? :surprised:

I do use a moisturiser on my face in the morning (usually vichy and always with a spf)
And I use bio-oil or bio-oil gel on my body (more so when I used to go swimming) but that’s all apart from a little make- up for work…and a lot on social occasions! :smiley:

Do you remember those…
Social occasions?!!

You can’t be sure it works Minx.

You may have had no wrinkles anyway even if you’d used cheap products.

I can go along with the good genes though. That makes sense. :slight_smile:

By the way Carol, you look way, way better and younger than Esther (didn’t she have a face-lift not so long ago?) And Fag Ash Lil!

I bought some Pantene shampoo the other day and if I believed what was written on the bottle, after six weeks of use I would look like a wet wank in a white wig wearing wellingtons.

I have no wrinkles, only when I pout,:lol::lol:

I have always moisturised, plus I drink 2 and a half pints of water a day.

My beauty therapist ,is always commenting on my skin.:blush:

I’m sure Esther, has had cosmetic surgery…

I use bio- oil gel as well, great stuff isn’t it, Rhian?:slight_smile:

It really is Pauline!

It’s largely genetics if you have a good skin or not .
Exposure to the sun is ageing too .
it was shown that Nuns who lived in closed orders ( ie never came out) looked much younger than they were .
Although they no doubt suffered from lack of vitamin D !

Abusing ones body can also age the skin, ie, drugs ,alcohol,etc.

I only use a cheap Cocoa Butter made by Vasoline.

Isn’t it a known fact that if you smoke you are more prone to wrinkles?

I don’t use beauty products, or soap on my face, just plain water. The only moisturiser is on my hands, which do get chapped. Not worn make up for decades. So I save a fortune on not having to buy cosmetics, or not wanting to, should I say.

A couple of years ago camilla was looking fresher and plumper in the face I’m sure she had work done but its catching up again now .

Yes,indeed, Jazzi, and their skin goes a horrible colour…

Sometimes both, Carol when I remember.:slight_smile:

I used to use clinique but I find dove nourishing cream does just as good I use it on my face as well as my body.

I’m always told I don’t look my age but I don’t really believe them, I think they are just being nice to me coz I see an ageing woman looking back at me these days.

I wouldn’t want to be likened to that parker bowles woman, can’t stand her, but that’s another thread lol Oh and both Esther and her have had work done I believe Carol x