June moon clear night

No editing only cropped taken at 23.55 hrs on 10/6/2022
Nikon D810 and Nikon 80-400mm lens


What a beautiful waxing gibbous! Thank you, realspeed.

RS, did you use a tripod for that? Cracking shot! :+1:

Very nice RS, very nice…:+1:

no this was hand held using window ledge for support for the hands to rest on. Oh the trick is, if a camera has it, to shoot many frames say 20 or30 at high speed. Then just pick out the best. Most will be blurred but at least 1 should be ok
This should give some idea of the nunber of shots, look at the time frame they were taken ( actually just about 3 or4 seconds if that )

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That is a beautiful photo, thank you

Nice one RS!