Journey to a Far Land

Only because you nicked me binnacle, gave my job to someone else while I was aloft in the crows nest - harvesting crows for dinner, threw me overboard when you knew I could not swim - and hid all the lifebelts!!

Tuts that I had just got the hang of this navigating malarkey…follow the north star…just have to find it :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops looks like I said it twice?

What? I’m a shedless penguin and winter is coming! I need to be shedded!


You could come and stay in my garage - the freezer is full of fish!


Right, thats me sorted! :penguin:

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Well that’s booey.

Look, old man, I didn’t get all these tattoos for some old geezer to duck out of the finale, abandon penguins to a shed-less fate, leave a navigator half trained and throw people overboard

And I didn’t even get the blanket :rage:

Get back in here and fire up those nuclear missiles or there’s going to be a massive wobbly with door slamming


By the way, the fantasy


Versus the reality………

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A mutiny! Let’s go!. . . . says the squid with no lines. :squid:


Ha! You just helped yourself to a line, that’ll learn him :rofl:

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But a horrible bloody death would have looked good on my CV.
Can I have my money now please…

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……and I ain’t giving up my personal trailer for anyone :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Do I still get paid more than Eliza?

Maree! You look amazing! No wonder you can snag a man-in-a-barrel!! Or was he hiding from you?! :joy:

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It’s very hard to escape when trapped in a barrel …….


That is grotesque! I was wondering what she would look like when she was old - then realised - she already is old.

Is there any truth in the rumour that Cap’n Birdseye was just swallowed by a giant octopus? Who will lead us now to the promised land of everlasting Sheds?

It’s not when you’re on the table waiting for a vasectomy. :rofl:

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I wasn’t talking from your point of view though…bwhahaha! :icon_evil:

To think people used to pay good money to see the tattooed lady at fairs and circuses.

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Ooo, you can be really cruel sometimes, Pixie. I’m beginning to go off you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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