Jet Black passed away

Not every ones cup of tea but I really grew up with bands like the Stranglers and still listen most days
84 years old


RIP not a bad age for a rock star though.


Fantastic dark and haunting …Golden Brown
I never succumbed to the temptress.

I was in my thirties when it was explained to me that the song wasn’t actually about a girl at all :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Great song, and RIP Jet.

Proper band. And JB, what a timekeeper.

What an album!!
Loved the cover… still do.
Black and White was also terrific.

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I don’t have this EP anymore alas, it included the Track straighten out. Coloured vinyl was all the rage at the time.

I think there was a story going around that if you stared hard at the fuzzy label as it revolved you’d go into some kind of trance :slightly_smiling_face:


I kindof want one now, just to see if its true!

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Well it didn’t work for me…or maybe it did!
That could explain quite a lot, oh dear!
I might have to get one too and spin it in reverse to see what happens :wink:

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