Jeremy Kyle Show: Death On Daytime

Did anyone else watch the Death on Daytime documentary?

It felt well made & certainly showed the Kyle show & ITV in a very poor light. But it virtually ignored Graham Stanier the shows councillor. This man who was allegedly there to help the participants.

The the documentary showed some video filmed backstage by a concerned cameraman. Where Stanier is seen wandering behind Kyle & saying & doing nothing, as Kyle hectors & shouts at a participant. This is the footage that the whistleblower cameraman turned over to Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee as he felt so concerned about it. But Graham Stanier is seen behaving like a good little puppy & saying & doing nothing.

For me. The show was just another TV copy of the old fairground freak show. It was designed to exploit the vulnerable & the desperate to be on TV.

ITV’s senior managers knew lie detectors were nothing more than a sudo science. They knew they were untrustworthy. But were happy interprate facts about lie dectors in a self favouring manner & to thus see people destroyed on the basis of this pseudoscience, known to be inaccurate. But those who sell this service say it’s accurate, the ITV exec kept saying.

ITV had a profitable TV show, why should they care? The same with senior people within the Kyle show. It was what people wanted & they were TV people, not councillors there to help & protect people. But Graham Stanier was there exclusively to help & support people & he failed.

It was Jermey Kyle & not ITV executives. Not senior production people within the Kyle show or Graham Stanier, who has taken all the blame. Yet Kyle was simply a presenter, he was doing what the crowd at the three ring circus were baying for. It was those above him, who had distance & a duty of care beyond viewing figures who had responsibility & who failed.

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Yes I watched it and yes vulnerable people were often involved. Often involving people with problems and I think mental health . I used to be concerned that young children would be watching the screaming and shouting in their own homes and how it would disturb them . JK thought he was untouchable and the 'big man" and as for Graham I did see him following JK who was shouting at the vulnerable man and Graham stood looking bewildered . At the end of the day a lot of people made a lot of money and lined their pockets . Then again there were people who wanted their 15 minutes of fame on the telly.

I’m glad its banned it was a horrible programme .

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Kyle………disgusting creature who exploits the vulnerable and gullible for his own profit and amusement. I tread in better things than him while walking my cat.


That implies that Kyle had a lower level of responsibility than the show’s executives. He played a key role in the whole atrocity, and willingly exploited the only talent he seems to possess, which is an extraordinary capacity for being an obnoxious bully, purely for his own personal benefit, regardless of the consequences for those subjected to it… In my opinion, everybody involved with that show, from the producers of it, to the “guest” participants in it, and the audiences that watched it, are deserving of total contempt. :face_vomiting:

Other than that, I don’t really have an opinion on the matter. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a relief. :rofl: :rofl:


I haven’t watched this, but I did cringe at the ways JK treated the poor people who were on his show. I only realised recently that the JK show did outside broadcasts too, and crowds of people turned up to heckle and jeer at the poor unfortunates who put themselves up for it. I’m glad its off the TV now.

I got confused between Jeremy Kyle and Jeremy Vine.

I agree, Gee.
I never could stand the man anyway. He was just a show off and bully.

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Think of it like this: Kyle rhymes with vile, and vine rhymes with plonker, sort of. :slightly_smiling_face:


Matthew Wright used to refer to it as the Jeremy Vile Show.

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But people watch it I guess.

Yes, and they bear as much responsibly for it as the people who make the programme.

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I’m sure that’s true.

In the same way that a Police Officer may behave poorly, as it is part of the culture & thus because they are responding in what colleges see as normal & appropriate manner. Kyle was allowed to behave as he did due to the culture & environment that was allowed to exist around him.

But like a senior police office who has time to look at things rationally. To evaluate conduct calmly & removed from the street level culture. So a TV or program executive, has more responsibility, when they sit back & use semantics to avoid responsibility & accountability for what happens when they allow things to run, what can only be described as. Out of control.

But yes, Kyle has responsibility for his own actions. But those who have responsibility for the over all situation. Are the herdsmen (executives,) who oversaw the herd mentality at the Kyle Show & did nothing about it & now try to defend themselves with semantics, not evidence.

Edited to add. ITV exec’s have as much responsibility for what happened on Kyle, as Cressida Dick had for the Met. She rightly resigned when it became apprent she was being held to account. But the ITV exec’s are still there.

Yes, I agree that you would expect the people at executive level to be more ethically responsible than those lower down the chain.

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Their responsibility is to lure the punters in.

@Gee3 - I thought this revolting show had been thrown in the bin years ago?

It was, but Channel 4 showed a documentary about it earlier this week & later this month there is an inquest into the guy who committed suicide after appearing on the show.

@Gee3 - Thank you - I didn’t know that.

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