Jeff Beck Dead at 78

Guitarist Jeff Beck has died suddenly he first came to prominence as a member of the Yardbirds.


Bugger.He was a brilliant guitarist.

Here he is with Aussie Tal Wilkenfield on bass.He was always eager to applaud others.

The thing about Beck was, even at his advanced age, he never lost his innovative edge, what a player.

You’re everywhere and nowhere, baby
That’s where you’re at
Going down a bumpy hillside
In your hippy hat
Hi Ho silver lining ……

Who hasn’t sung that .

Sleep tight Jeff Beck


Oh wow, another one gone!

Yes, always at parties. :cry:

Someone’s quote, “he was the guitarists, guitarist”.

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He was indeed and then some.

Thanks for posting that LongDriver, it had Mrs Fox in tears…
I’ve saved it on my youtube channel…I’ll bung it through a big amp and speakers later…
Too young to die…RIP Jeff…

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Apparently, Jeff died from Bacterial Meningitis…According to wiki.

RIP Jeff

I was at this concert