January 2022 Snapshot Competition

Don’t drink the water!

Grand Ole Opry Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee. The whole thing is computer controlled so the water “dances” to music and coloured lights. The central jet probably reached 5m at times.


wow when did you go there?

2012 and 2014.

I would love to go there and see the country and western singers

Sounds like the Bellagio fountain in Vegas Fruitcake. Probably the most impressive thing I have ever seen. The finale is amazing. It was the first thing we saw as we walked out of the hotel. I was blown over as it was my first impression of vegas.


same here Annie, I was awestruck at Bellagios fountain. We stayed right across from it at Planet Hollywood. it was beautiful. Ooooooh, I want to go back to Vegas, we loved it. I can’t find the photo we took of the Ballagio fountain, I wanted to post it!

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Wow! Annie, water fireworks, amazing.

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the hotel is pretty nice too. It was the setting of Ocean’s eleven. Amazing breakfast buffet. If you lose enough at the tables then the room is free!


Oh my, that is beautiful. Sadly that tune was played when I lost my beautiful middle cousin when she was only forty, so of course it always makes me cry, but thank you.

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Snapped this morning by Westfield London, a new water feature with jets of water spirting up then cut off. Deliberately under exposed, at 1/2000 sec.


Remember to get those last minute photos in folks, the comp finishes tomorrow at noon…:blush:



Hampton Court


your photo reminds me about, well let me tell you and others

Hampton Court Palace used to hold a flower show once a year and this was just about on my Brtitish Telecom area
So one year I was told to provide phone extns in conjunction with this event. They must have been joking. Well I spent a day trying to find the telephone cable layout let alone getting any sort of connection into it.
If you have been there you know what I was up against, huge rooms- umpteen passages - even went on the roof and underground passages. Could I find any? what do you think? I even had problems finding out where the switchboard was as it was in an office outbuilding.
What made it worse there were no telephone wiring plans of the place and no one in charge of communications I could ask.
It is about the only time I over 20 years of working for BT I gave up and thought SOD It, send someone who knows the place

RS ,glad my photo brought back a memory for you , even though not a good one .

**Competition will close at noon today.**:disappointed_relieved:

**Many thanks for all of the super entries.**:+1:

The poll will be posted later today. :blush:

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@Barry - thank you, Barry.

For what @SilverTabby ? :man_shrugging:

For setting up, running, and updating us on this photography competion. Your work is appreciated.


Well many thanks for saying so @SilverTabby , but to tell the truth I do enjoy it!
Best not tell anyone though, it can be our little secret… :joy_cat: