I've heard of Saddle Stones before, but never

… Sad Stones.


Poor thing, must feel out of place there. :confused:

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Oh, dear, what a sad little pebble that is. Has it lost its mummy? :rofl:

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Oh what a shame, poor little thing, looks like it’s had a rocky start in life.


It’s certainly had a hard life.


I’ve never come across any ‘saddle’ stones, but as for staddle stones, I have six in my rear garden supporting the floor bearers of my rustic cabin (shed).
Those sad stones remind me of when my girls were young and beachcombing for such sea worn stones etc :+1:


I’ve heard both the term saddle stones and straddle stones used for the mushroom shaped jobbies used as supports to make buildings rat-proof.

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Awww, you’d have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by that sad little face! :cry:


Nice one. :+1:

Poor little thing! It looks as if it’s between a rock and a hard place.


Oh that’s heartbreaking sad little stone


Stones would play inside her head
And where she slept,
They made her bed
And she would ache for love
And get but stones

La la la la la la la la la

Lordy, child
A good day’s comin’
And I’ll be there to let the sun in
And bein’ lost
Is worth the comin’ home

La la la la la la la la la on stones

You and me, a time for planting
You and me, a harvest granting
The every prayer ever prayed
For just two wild flowers that grow

La la la la la la la la la on stones

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That’s a sad song @LongDriver

The sad little stone-face also reminded me of this Paul Weller song

Broken Stones

Like pebbles on a beach
Kicked around, displaced by feet
Oh, like broken stones
They’re all trying to get home

Like a loser’s reach
Too slow and short to hit the peaks
Yeah, so lost and alone
They’re trying to get home

As another pitch shatters
Another little bit gets lost
What else truly matters?
Oh, such a cost


It could be sad if the "being lost is worth the coming home" had been omitted.

To me it’s all about a lonely lass seeking love and then he, also lost, found her. So together they went home and enjoyed the comfort & closeness of each other until the end of time :sparkling_heart::hugs::sparkling_heart:

Edited to add … yes, I have always been a romantic soft touch.