I've finally found

…a moisturiser that feels great!

I have sensitive skin and have tried so many lotions and potions. I decided to look at the Body Shop’s range as I believe in their ethics. It recommended “Aloe” soothing day cream. Off I went to my local shop and bought a tub. When i say tub, I mean a really small tub which I thought would last me no time. For the first time I have found a moisturiser where a little goes a long way. Will last much longer than I thought. I’ve gone the whole hog and ordered the night cream, face mask and another day cream. Saved £10 and free delivery online.

Do you have a favourite moisturiser?

Hi Melfort,

I only use Coco Butter again from the Body Shop, I like it because its nice and smooth and not greasy.

I can’t go in the Body Shop, it’s way too smelly for me. Makes my sinuses react just thinking about the place :shock:

I’ve a sensitive skin too. I’m an extra dry skin Nivea gal. I’ve tried different moisturisers over the years and my skin prefers greasier type ones. It’s happy with Nivea.
Face = The white one for morning, blue one for evening
Body = Extra dry skin blue one.

Any face cream with aloe vera in it is usually a good cream.
It seems to hydrate the skin as much as soften it.
i’m not necessarily a one particular brand fan.

:blush: I’m getting a little addicted to experimenting with serums at the moment.

Yes I use Boots No 7 serum, but I always use it under Nivea, I couldn’t use a serum on it’s own. It softens my skin nicely, but doesn’t moisturise it.

Wife has cancer and this was recommended by mount Vernon hospital for her dry skin.

Sorry to hear about your wife JL. Not heard of that cream before.

The cream was developed to be used on cows udders but found to be great on human skin.

I’ve heard of that before. That’s quite interesting.
I’d also heard that no. 7 serum is great stuff
Also sorry to learn of your wife’s condition

I’d be interested to know how you’ve got on with these.
Any recommendations ?

I use No7 serum from Boots Zulieka …it suits my skin but not the extra strong one that feels wrong for me…the girls in Boots are helpful ask for free samples …try before you buy.

E45 cream does it for me, and it isn’t a stupid price like some moisturisers.

I use Lacura face creams by Aldi , dead cheap and got great reviews

I use some of their products too LQ

I have seen it in Walmart , but don"t believe it available in the UK .

I can’t use perfumed products and I have found Aveeno suits my skin, particularly my face and neck. I put it on all over my body after a shower. I use it as a night cream and a hand cream. This one product does everything (even my feet) and I either use the dry skin one or the baby one.