I've been busy

While John in hospital im trying to.keep myself busy.

I had my kitchen units painted a while back as we couldn’t afford a new kitchen. I has them painted grey but I thought they were a bit dark so I have updated them tonight and brightened them up for a surprise when john comes home.

Not everyone’s taste but im chuffed with the results. Two tone units. It’s only cosy me 12 quid in vinyl. Can’t believe how different and brighter it looks.

Be gentle, its first time I’ve ever done anything like this, just hope john is happy with it.


That looks really good. The marble effect contrasts nicely with the the grey of the cupboards.
Makes it look brighter having that as a contrast. Good job @LionQueen im sure John will be pleased with it too.
Ours are looking a bit tatty, how easy was it applying the vinyl?

I like it … very chic. Very personalised and so many kitchens look drab soulless places. Your creative flair shows. You’ve done a grand job.

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Surprisingly easy . Can’t believe it only cost me 12 quid . If I can dobit anyone can. Go for it .


Well done, Queenie, looks great!

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That looks fab, LQ! I love the vinyl…I did my kitchen counters in the marble one you have and it really made a huge difference! (Although now I have to remove it since I’m moving - dunno how that job will go with the adhesive mind you, haha!)

I would recommend it to anyone :+1:

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I like it, John will like any thing away from the hospital environment I’m sure .

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Looking good Bev…yay!!!

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Looks great Bev, well done! :clap:

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